How to Train Your Employees

Read the article and find out how you have to train your employees. Get to know tips that will help you do this in a proper way.
How to Train Your Employees

We can compare word "training" with a word "education." Education can cure most of the world's woes. Surely training is a basis of good food service.

Management's Responsibility for Training
It is not an easy job to train your employees. And trade schools and colleges are not going to do it. As for trade associations, they will not be able to do it. But you, as the operator on the job, will do it by training on the job. Some state restaurant associations are showing how a training program can train supervisors to train employees.

how-to-train-your-employees_01With the help of fine educators managers can learn how to train. There is also the National Restaurant Association that can sponsor management short courses. But, when the chips are down, 85 percent of the training must be done on the job. There are also food sanitation courses and traveling training courses that can supplement what you do. But they are not as an alternative for on-the-job orientation and training.

Training is an incessant function in restaurants, the process by which information, skills, and attitudes are communicated to others. Unskillful employees are taught how to fulfill their jobs. There is no matter whether new employees are experienced or not. This is because they must learn the particular recipes, equipment, and ways of doing things in their new jobs. Thus, better methods, better equipment replace yesterday's ways and are explained to all employees through training. Micro-wave cookery, for example, will require re-training of all cooks using it.

But supervisors tend to work at and emphasize those aspects of their job which management emphasizes. Training must be continually emphasized with management. By the way, it gives recognition to supervisors who are training-conscious. Good trainers have salary increases and promotions. This is part of insuring employee training.

By giving the person new skills and information is more valuable than money. Moreover, it helps employees to make the employee more valuable to himself and to the restaurant, gives him self-reliance and makes management's job easier.

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