The Main Chef's Specialties

Read the article and get to know the main specialties of being a chef. Find out the key tasks and duties of every chef. Discover whether it is easy to be a chef.
The Main Chef's Specialties

It is not easy to be a chef. And there are many specialty chef positions available to those who have the good culinary arts training. Dreaming of becoming a professional chef you should pay your attention to many things, especially to your study. Be sure culinary school instructors advise building your skills in the various specialties in order to move up in position and responsibility.

Line/Station Chef
A Line or Station Chef, who also called a Line Cook, prepares one type of food. This may be Vegetable Chef/Cook, Fry Chef/Cook and Grill Chef/Cook. These are commonly known titles. Each restaurant has several line chefs.

chef-specialtiesGarde Manger Chef
Cold food preparations are the main cooking that Garde Manger Chef working with. He requires a special culinary arts training in this field. The Garde Manger Chef creates and prepares vinaigrettes and dressings because he deals only with cold sauces. That's why, his or her tasks are to develop new salsas, pickles, chutneys and relishes. Besides, other dishes are often created to include the sauces or relishes the Garde Manger Chef prepares.

Pastry Chef
The Pastry Chef is responsible for developing and designing the dessert menu. This is because his work is connected with the breads, pastries, cakes and sweets. Originality and creativity are necessary qualities that have to be inherent in work of this chef.

Sous Chef
The Sous Chef is a conductor of sorts and he is the second in command behind the Executive Chef. The main task of such chefs is to finish and decorate special dishes or presentations. Nevertheless, he also has many responsibilities that are not cooking related. Keeping up kitchen records, estimating the types and quantities of food that need to be bought, investigating the kitchen along with its equipment and utensils are duties that he or she fulfills. Besides, Sous Chef assumes the role of the Executive Chef in her/his absence.

Executive Chef
The Executive Chef is the final authority in the kitchen, he has special experience in all aspects of cooking. His tasks are overseeing the kitchen staff and controlling the preparation of all food. His/her obligations might also entail allotting serving sizes, ordering food and/or supplies and assigning work schedules. However, creating and approving menu items and daily specials are what he/she helps to do.

So, you can see that becoming a Chef can mean some different things. This all relies on your passion, your education and your experience. Nevertheless, not all want to be Executive Chefs. Having talent, passion and a love of cooking you can become a real chef and what you have to do is just to choose the category you prefer and that is close to you.