Chef and His Team

Get to know how to find a chef for your restaurant, and what you should provide him with. Learn how to select a team of the chef and other staff.
Chef and His Team

The chiefs - cook usually search the same as future conjugal partner, it is desirable the best and for ever, but, basically, time will show. Thus more often stops looking are directed on one of three mentioned below ways.

chef_teamThe agency will select the candidates, those - to prepare to the potential employer of a dish on test. The search can proceed long, but chances to find on this way of the really worth chief - cook are close to zero.
It is best to contact to solid personnel agency abroad and to look for the chief - cook abroad. The agency, on a measure of successfulness of searches, sends to the employer of the summary of the candidates, and when restaurateur chooses and comes "on a place" (to Milan, Madrid, Lausanne, Marseilles etc.), arranges there presentation of art of three-four selected candidates.

It is also possible to entice the chef (as well as any other worker) from other institution. The truth, everyone speak about it "with feeling of deep disgust", nevertheless such things occur from time to time.
Besides the salary the employer offers the chef comfortable flat nearby the restaurant, pays for his holidays and two trip to family (family, as a rule, here do not bring) per one year... To put it briefly, the restaurateur provides the chef with complete compensatory package.

But the risk to mistake with the chef and not to get for the rather big money desirable result is rather high.
When a dish is submitted, the client, yet not having tried it, already estimates it by eyes, how attractive and interesting it is.
It is possible, at last, to prepare the mutton leg, to cut it and to offer the client and it is possible to bear wholly in a hall, where the waiter will cut it on a special little table. It also is done not in the last instance that other visitors have paid attention that such little table has ordered an expensive dish. In restaurant business there are no trivialities, and the constant visitors notice literally any changes.

Team of the Chef
The size of a team of the chief - cook depends on quantity of landing places in restaurant.
Each cook has narrow specialization and works on the certain place: someone does only cold hors doers, someone - only hot, someone prepares soups and so on. If the staff of the cooks, working on kitchen, is less, in distribution of duties the variants are possible.

Other Team
The first way is used for a set of the people on key in any restaurant of a post of an average link - senior manager, senior barman, chief accountant, and chief of a service of safety. As against the directors and chief - cook, which actually "live" in the restaurant, the managers of an average link have such privilege, as lawful days off.

Recently among the owners and directors of restaurants the tendency was planned to give more attention both psychological criteria of selection, and psychological preparation and study of the waiters.
The chief - cook, as well as artist, should be in constant search. The artist can not day-by-day duplicate the same picture. The visitor is not interested in the same dishes all the time, even most tasty. It isn't necessary to change the whole menu at once, but to enter novelties gradually.

On the other hand, the visitor who has come in restaurant, wants to be sure that the taste of its favorite dishes remains. Therefore the chef should train the personnel to work so that salad prepared by the cook of today's shift, is an exact copy of salad made by the cook of previous shift, and both are an exact copy of salad prepared by the chief - cook. The ordinary cooks should see dishes by the eyes of the chef. Therefore each good chief - cook actually lives on kitchen, and has the right to select the team and to support rigid discipline.