How to Solve Personnel Problems

There are some problems with qualified personnel, especially in region. Check out ways you may use in staff search. Get useful recommendations for dealing with waiters.
How to Solve Personnel Problems

A trade of the waiter is the most popular among the competitors and most claimed among the employers, irrespective of a season and any changes in the market of work.
And if the problem of preparation of this staff in capitals is solved by the specialized educational institutions, in regions it has a lot of problems. Here frequently waiters study by themselves which learn specificity of the given work directly on a workplace and studying on own mistakes.

solve_personnel_problemsFirst of all these problems are connected to lack of the worthy candidates, which would be interested in long cooperation with restaurant. Where to search for these ideal employees, of which each manager dreams?

The ways of search can be different:
• Independent selection by accommodation of the announcements about vacancies in mass media and further realization of interviews;
• The reference to services of personnel agencies;
• Participation in fairs of vacancies;
• Reception free-of-charge bases of the candidates at the order of selection of the manager or chief - cook in personnel agency.
Certainly, use of a maximum quantity of channel - agency on the personnel, recommendations, schools of the waiters and courses of improvement of qualification is more effective. If somebody choose at last the independent approach, do not forget, that to search and hiring of the waiters to you will come to concern, as to one of your routine duties.

Some recommendations will be pertinent here:
1. Try to make a management for the given employee, precisely having determined, that you from it expect and that it can expect from you.
2. Do not neglect at selection the candidates of more senior age, than majority of the waiters. They can introduce experience and надёжность, correct attitude to work and responsibility.
3. Do not use the brief summary, and make the form of the detailed questionnaire better, which will give you complete representation about the fact sheet of the potential employee. Don't be too lazy if necessary to call and to receive responses about work of the candidate from the former employers.
4. Do not accept the decision on hiring the candidate on work at once after the first interview. Lead as a minimum two. Thus, you will create at the candidate sensation of privileged work in your institution, and should be! Observe the candidate during interview, behind its manner to speak, to keep, estimate its psychological adjusts, power, availability for service in a team.
5. Mainly take on work of the people aimed to build career in restaurant business.
6. If you have decided to trust in the managers on selection of the personnel, it is better to make it, which can qualitatively execute services in search and selection of the personnel.
In any case fluidity of the waiters - it for today inevitability of restaurant business, but to reconcile to it or to try to correct an existing situation – a restaurateur decides.