Personnel Problem

Stuff is the basis of any enterprise. Learn the reasons of staff fluidity. Get to know what employers usually offer for their personnel and what their requirements are.
Personnel Problem

What the faultless service means?
It is a high level of care about comfort of the visitor. It is well-known, that chance to make on the visitor good impression gives only once. The good waiter never overlooks it and carries out the requests of the clients without delay, and the excellent waiter foresees their desires. It would seem that complex in a trade waiter - accept the order and carry plates. But consider in details, of what there is a craft of the man - intermediary between the cook and consumer of meal.

The Reasons of fluidity of the staff
There are trades, which in mass consciousness do not use the large respect. Certainly, there are waiters - professionals, which do stay of the client in restaurant by more interesting, and for them it is a trade, they feel on the place there. But it is not enough for them, unfortunately.

At the given work frequently it is possible to meet the students of the evening and correspondence forms of training. For them it is a quite good way to earn additionally. The level of their monthly income depends on the order of distribution of the tip working in restaurant. In some institutions the tip is divided by the manager of a hall. There are also systems of material stimulation (waiter pay certain percent from sales of separate dishes or alcoholic drinks). In any case, having ended a professional school or rates of the waiters, the young people can expect for higher wages. And if they have such advantages, as maximum education, experience of work in elite restaurants, representative appearance and know how to work from one of the programs allowing to automate system of the order and payment of dishes and purchase of products in restaurant, can apply for more higher payment.

That the waiter seldom lingers over on one place during long term, is connected, basically, to systems of the penalties, with the conflicts to a management, low salaries, absence of prospects of growth and methods of stimulation. Among other reasons it is possible to allocate and severe constraints of work, though the majority had an impression, that anything difficult in this trade is not present. And if to take into account, that the waiter will carry out on legs not less than 12 (and that and 15!) hours per shift, remaining tactful, artistic and precautionary and at o'clock "peak", and in holidays! On the average for shift the waiter goes by his feet from 10 up to 30 km. And the complete tray with three dishes and drinks weighs about 15 kg. So bread of the waiter is hard.

The good waiters everywhere use the increased demand and are simply vitally necessary as restaurants of a maximum class visited the rich people.

What the employers require
As a rule, to this post invite the young people in the age of 18-25 years, maximum - 30 years. Experience of work requires 35 % of the employers, others specify, that are ready to accept on work of the waiters without experience. Some restaurants prefer to take the beginners and to train them on the system. The presence of special education is welcomed; the main criterion of selection is the skill to communicate with the people, goodwill and readiness to be trained. If the speech goes about elite restaurant or restaurant at hotel, the obligatory requirements are experience of work highly advanced communicative abilities, general erudition, frequently - knowledge of foreign language, increased requirements to appearance and average special education. The age frameworks can reach till 40-45 of years.

What the employers offer
The employers offer the fixed small salary, tip, sometimes opportunity of carrier growth. The growth rate depends on private qualities and presence of the carrier programs at the enterprise. A free-of-charge feed and in some cases payment of travel.