Problems the Metropolitan Chef Face with

Working in the country metropolitan head cook can face with different problems. Get to know how the restaurateur can solve them and why it is preferable to entrust the choice of chef-cook to advisers.
Problems the Metropolitan Chef Face with

First problem the metropolitan chef can meet in region is the absence of the qualified personnel. Frequently it happens so, that the expert, having arrived and having estimated conditions, sees that there is nobody to train, and the owners of restaurant do not plan set of new more professional experts in the near future. Also it is necessary to the chef to stand at a plate seven days per one week for 12 hours per day and to work with visitors practically himself. As a rule, the quantity of the clients grows, the prestige of an institution rises, the revolution is increased. Examples, when with loss of the chef the restaurant loses significant part of the audience in short terms. Other cases are also frequent; when with the good chief acquisition most enterprises get such quantity of the constant visitors, they couldn't even dream and in rather short terms. Therefore it is important to take care about a good assistant from the local personnel or to entrust selection of the personnel and its updating to the chef.

Secondly, there are problems connected with the necessary equipment. The chef is excited with this question, as far as the owners are ready to invest in the qualitative equipment, especially if restaurant kitchen will be specific, as well as about products delivery for restaurant.

chefLet's look, as many enterprises of a feed are opened in regions. At first, businessman going to open restaurant, is engaged in search of a necessary premise. Further it is sent to the company specializing on sale and installation of the equipment, and speaks about purpose to open restaurant. Almost all such companies render free-of-charge consulting service, on which restaurateurs agree with the large pleasure. But can appear so, that the employed head cook, colliding with the established equipment, has no work experience with it. And then, if the owner does not want to make replacement, the chef should adapt, anew to study, that is reflected on production efficiency not in the best way. Or the owner gets the new equipment and spends money not stipulated beforehand. Therefore head cook is the man, which the development of the menu depends on, kitchen, and coordination with the concept of an enterprise, site, kitchen equipment, design of an interior, utensils etc. The head cook should be one of the founders of a restaurant, partner, instead of temporarily employee, which is only obliged precisely to execute the orders of the manager and owner of an enterprise.

Therefore one of the important advice for regional restaurateurs: it is desirable to be determined with a key figure - head-cook - up to a choice of the concept of an enterprise and equipment. The good chief can choose the equipment and complete kitchen, it in many respects will facilitate work above creation of the concept of restaurant, will help to be determined that now occurs in the market, to choose a direction of menu, to analyze its urgency and prospects.

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