A Restaurant Manager

Find out what the duties of a restaurant manager are, the main characteristics of this person. Discover more of this job.
A Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager lives very hectic life. As evenings and weekends are the busiest times for restaurants, he should be prepared to work during late nights and weekends.

A restaurant manager's work hours and job nature are also highly irregular. He has to fill in for an absent a-restaurant-manager_03employee, no matter what his job designation is, at the last minute. Consequently, it is very important to know all the restaurant's operations inside out and from top to bottom. This is because being a restaurant manager does not just mean sitting behind a nice desk and making chitchat with customers.

However, the pressures of making sure everything is in order almost always happen at once with a number of other responsibilities. Seeking a solution with the least possible disruptions to other operations, particularly in the serving of customers is one of his duties. A restaurant manager has to have a lot of patience for his job as many irritable situations can be provoked by uncooperative and stubborn staff and angry customers. 

A Restaurant Manager's Duties
There are many duties in the work of a restaurant manager. This is a very responsible person in the restaurant. A restaurant manager selects what to place on the menu and determines each of their prices, assures quality service and proper food preparation and the efficient utilization of supplies. He also takes responsibility for the rising number of human resource and administrative tasks.

Usually, there is a general manager, one or two assistant managers and one executive chef, who takes charged of all kitchen operations. But small restaurants have one person who is both the manager and the executive chef.

All the members of the managerial team should work from the moment the restaurant opens until it closes at all days of operation. As a manager is accountable for all, he does not have the liberty to just skip work because he doesn't feel like going. Restaurant management is a full service job that requires full time commitment.

Managing the Menu and Supplies
Determining menu items is also what a restaurant manager does. The executive chef helps him in this. For accommodating and avoiding the wastage of unserved food a new dish is sometimes introduced. How the menu is arranged also depends on what raw ingredients are in season or simply for the sake of variety and originality.

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