A Kitchen Manager

Search out how kitchen manger manages with his work. Find out what he should do and how to become a good specialist of this profession.
A Kitchen Manager

A kitchen manager is a trained chef with several years' experience, whose task is to organize and supervise the work done by a team of chefs and other kitchen staff.

The following are main tasks of such manager:
1. He has to make sure that food is prepared to a high quality, at the right price and on time.
2. His duty is planning menus, taking into account special dietary requirements.
3. He orders ingredients and negotiates with suppliers.
4. He keeps control of the budget and increasing profit margins.
5. He decides what needs to be done and delegates to members of the team.

a-kitchen-manager_04In spite of that fact that the normal working week is 40 hours, kitchen managers often work early, late or night shifts. Moreover, split shifts, overtime, weekend work and working during public holidays are also common. However, kitchens are often hot and steamy, and may be rather cramped, they can also be high-pressured and exciting places to work.

Kitchen managers should:
1. be well-organized;
2. have good communication skills;
3. be energetic;
4. lead and motivate people;
5. be interested in food and cookery.

Kitchen managers work in a wide range of organizations, including pubs, hotels, restaurants and the catering departments of offices, factories, schools, colleges, hospitals, ships and rail companies. Some are self-employed.

Most kitchen managers start off as kitchen assistants or trainee chefs. Although some employers prefer previous kitchen experience or an NVQ/SVQ Level 1 or 2 in a catering subject, entrants to these positions do not need any particular qualifications. By the way, young Apprenticeships in Hospitality, and further and higher education qualifications are also available.

Besides, kitchen managers may go on to manage larger kitchens or become general managers with front-of-house as well as kitchen responsibilities. And some set up their own business, perhaps running their own restaurant or taking on a franchise.