How to Keep at Work Employee

Check out how to keep and force work well your employees, how to apply encouragement and punishment.
How to Keep at Work Employee

To keep at work and, moreover, to force well to work of the ordinary of the employee, first of all, somebody should build correct system of management relation with the personnel. Yes, the waiters almost are not interested in effective work and besides easily change a place of work. But frequently it is connected to the incorrect approach of the chiefs to the relations with subordinated. It is at times expressed in excessive flexibility of the chief or in excessive rigidity.

The recommendations by the one who wants to order work with the personnel, not losing authority of the chief and not becoming the tyrant for subordinated:
• At hiring the employee, except for its payment and conditions of work, speak about a duty. And if someone from the employees breaks the established rules of work, accept adjusting measures, irrespective of your personal relation to the employee. The sequence in application of discipline measures is necessary and should be identical to all.

• Use the various forms of motivation: material systems of stimulation (when percent from sales of alcoholic drinks separate dishes), percent from the profit of an institution, or profit sharing is paid to the waiter. Speaking about last form, it is necessary to note, that it is the settled world practice. This form of motivation consisting in distribution of the profit in equal shares between all participants of the program actively is used by the large restaurant companies.
Profit sharing is very strong motivation factor allowing the people conscious to participate in business, because they perfectly understand: on work of each of them depends, as far as the work of an institution will be profitable on the end of year. And if the work is profitable, they will get money for it.

• Develop system of encouragements: the award to the best waiter of month, prizes by the one who will develop the best offer on a rising of the proceeds of an institution. At a choice of the best waiters of month or best offers take into account opinion of all collective.

• But do not reduce the all amount of money, differently employees without this stimulus and napkins on a table will not put. Non-material motivation not less important: the personal gratitude, praise at the presence of all collective can begin for the waiter perfect stimulus work with soul and large feedback.

• Encourage the creative initiative of the employees, do not overlook to thank the author of ideas how to make work of an institution by more successful. Support in them aspiration to be the partners on business.

• Irrespective of, large at you an institution or small, nominate the senior changes and charge to create by it control sheets on all sites of work, which they will hand over at the end of change with the remarks and offers.

• But do not forget, that the main - attitude to the employee. The waiter from you will not leave, if you will be for it authority, chief, which knows about the workers everything and sees everything, beginning from a new hairdressing of the waiter, finishing its bad mood. And always reacts correctly: where will support, where by a taxi after heavy change will send, where the premium will write out.

• Be consecutive, are fair and are loyal. Support in the employees sensation of security from injustice. You see the waiter thinking only of that, as though it have not fined or have not made reprimand, is not capable to bring profit to an institution. Precisely determine rules and criterion of an assessment of works of the personnel. The employees should know, for what them encourage or punish.

• Give your employee as training what it hasn’t known jet or that should learn: develop the precise program of training for the new employees, carry out trainings, arrange video seminars, attract the experts of the large restaurant companies etc.

But if restaurateurs will undertake the initiative of replacement of old stereotypes on new, modern, also their personnel will aspire begin the professionals. And everything there will be less often in restaurants two extremes – obvious absence of professionalism and skills, fulfilled up to automatism, which are given out for professionalism. At the waiters the serious relation to own occupation will appear main -, for which they receive the salary and - in spite of on anything - still receive the tip.