Personnel Famine

Discover the reasons of lack of personnel, learn why they are nor interested in the job.
Personnel Famine

Half of success secret of restaurant business is in such concept as service or, more precisely, in the staff.
The waiter should be kind, polite, accurate, to know two - three languages and to understand what the client orders. The majority of waiters mechanically answer the client "yes", not trying to find out its requirement at all. The demand for the professional waiters today exceeds the offer. A number of networks like MacDonald’s decide this problem with the help of own school s. But the picture as a whole from it does not vary. The graduates of corporate schools are usually prepared for work on the certain system and hardly adapt in other restaurants.

Directors of restaurants basically grow from the managers of halls, waiters, barmen not having sufficient opportunities for the further professional development.

personnel_famineThe proprietors aspire to keep the skilled experts by the high salaries and opportunity to develop the new projects. But, as a rule, directors of restaurants and extremely reluctantly change a place of work: there is a danger to not be entered in frameworks of the new concept.
It happens when even has invited the experts from its company to carry out some trainings for the personnel. But what effective administrative know-how would not take root into restaurant business, completely to charge with the business cares of hired management to the owner of restaurant more difficultly, than in other markets.

None manager will be so interested in final results, as the proprietor is. He enclose in business know-how, money, time or all taken together. The personnel are ready only to execute the duties well and not bring in the offer on rationalization of work. For example, to enter in the menu new dishes allowing more economically spending products. Each technological stage it is possible to find a way to work more effectively.