The reputation of the restaurant largely depends on the cleanness of the plates and dishes. Every restaurant has a person who is responsible for providing clean tableware. Read this article and find out more about duties of a dishwasher.

What makes a good impression on restaurant customers are sparkling glasses and clean silverware. If we see a clean table setting that we understand the restaurant will offer good service and wholesome food. And every such establishment has the person responsible for providing clean tableware, which is the dishwasher.

DishwashersAfter customers have completed their meal, a dining room attendant takes the dirty dishes to the dishwasher. Then dishwashers start to scrape, sort, and stack the dishes, and then load them into dishwashing machines. They fill the machines with soap and turn them on. And when the dishes are clean, dishwashers unload them and put them in their proper places so that other kitchen workers and waiters and waitresses can find them.

Very large establishments allow dishwashers to fulfill only one or two jobs. It means that one dishwasher may scrape plates, while another dishwasher may be in charge of washing large pots and pans. These persons often are responsible for other cleanup jobs. Thus, sometimes they clean floors, cabinets, sinks, and counter-tops. But they may also fulfill some of the tasks of dining room attendants such as clearing tables and assisting waiters and waitresses.

Dishwashers learn all their duties on the job. That's why, some states require that dishwashers have a health certificate stating that they are free of communicable diseases.

Restaurants are open for long hours to best serve the public. That's why, dishwashers are often required to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. But sometimes they work split shifts, in which they work for a few hours, leave, and return to work a few hours later. About half of all dishwashers work part time but full-time dishwashers work from forty to forty-eight hours per week. The average workweek for dishwashers is less than thirty hours.

Dishwashers typically start out earning the minimum wage but they may make more money if they work in a large, upscale restaurant. And those who belong to labor unions generally earn higher pay.