Chef Uniforms

Discover what uniform chef should wear, what color it should be. Get to know what chefs should do to look spectacular.
Chef Uniforms

We used to see white chef uniforms. It is difficult for cooks and bakers, who are constantly leaning over soup bowls and sautéing vegetables, to keep their chef uniforms clean and neat.

But whatever the reason for the color choice, the crisp white chef uniform sets apart the food preparers from other restaurant employees and represents a well-respected staff member who has earned a reputable and honorable position as a chef.

However, there are many more color and fabric choices and accessories that can make up their business uniform.

There are many chef frocks and jackets, different in shades and styles. The most are the traditional white tops with minimal to no color design, others available include red, green and even denim chef uniform shirts. Many of them are secured by buttons. They are either on one side of the front of the attire or contain two sets, usually sporting black or white colored buttons.

chef-uniformsCollared, polyester or cotton shirts are distributed to employees for chef uniforms in more relaxed, les high-scale establishments. Accessorizing the garments with neckerchiefs, you can add smartness to this image. Try to do this as they are a low-cost item. But it can spruce up the look of a main chef uniform, adding color and a bit of flash to otherwise basic gear.

Nevertheless, some establishments demand their cooks to wear simple black or white pants. But the others choose a more unique and colorful chef uniform pant, buying cotton speckled or graphic-designed comfortable baggy or straight-legged bottoms. It may give a more creative feel among kitchen staff when allowing chefs to sport these comfy pants. Of course, it is more flexible when sprinting from the salad station to the dessert tray. If a chef is asked to make an appearance in the dining area, then spills my also be less visible. Adding a full-length or wrap-around waist apron could also act as a guard for unwanted splatter disasters.

There is possibly the most noticeable and captivating item of a chef uniform. And this is big billowy hat. Such hat serves the purpose of keeping loose hairs secure so that strands don't inadvertently fall into the food. There are also caps, that are used as an option to chef hats and basically serve the same purpose.

No doubt, there are should be oven mitts as a chef uniform requirement for handling metal pans or reaching into baking ovens. To keep those chef uniforms looking spectacular management should keep a bottle of stain remover accessible to remove surface spatters from chef uniforms as to lighten the washing machine's burden.