Reastaurant Staff

Learn how to find and hire appropriate staff for your restaurant. Pay special attention to the choice of a chef and manager. Get to know what problems with personnel may arise and how to solve them.
personnelStaff is a basis of any enterprise. Especially it is important for businesses involved in serving people. Well-trained and polite waiters attract visitors no less than kitchen and climate. May it be a top london restaurant or a simple by-the-road diners, all staff should be well-equipped with the proper way of communicating and interacting with customers. 

But sure, the main person in the restaurant is its head-cook. It possible to say that the chef is a soul of your enterprise. He or she thinks out menu, provides new dishes, selects and control kitchen staff and waiters, orders products. Choosing a chef pay attention to not only his culinary skills but also some manager's characteristics.
A Kitchen Manager
Search out how kitchen manger manages with his work. Find out what he should do and how to become a good specialist of this profession.
A Restaurant Manager
Find out what the duties of a restaurant manager are, the main characteristics of this person. Discover more of this job.
Look through the article and find out what the main duties of a bartender are and how this person should work.
Bus Person
Find out what a bus person should do and what characteristics must have. Read how this person can advance.
Chef and His Team
Get to know how to find a chef for your restaurant, and what you should provide him with. Learn how to select a team of the chef and other staff.
Chef Uniforms
Discover what uniform chef should wear, what color it should be. Get to know what chefs should do to look spectacular.
Difficulties of the Waiter Job
Job of the waiter requires not only professional skills but also some psychological characteristics. Read about peculiarities of waiter profession here.
The reputation of the restaurant largely depends on the cleanness of the plates and dishes. Every restaurant has a person who is responsible for providing clean tableware. Read this article and find out more about duties of a dishwasher.
Hiring a Cleaning Service
Find out why it is important to have a cleaning service at your restaurant and how to hire such service.
Hiring a Restaurant Manager
This article will help you understand why you have to have a restaurant manager, what are the main tasks of this person. You also can find the information how to hire him.
Host or Hostess
Host or hostess plays an important role in the life of restaurant. Get to know what their duties are and how to obtain it.
How to Keep at Work Employee
Check out how to keep and force work well your employees, how to apply encouragement and punishment.
How to Solve Personnel Problems
There are some problems with qualified personnel, especially in region. Check out ways you may use in staff search. Get useful recommendations for dealing with waiters.
How to Train Your Employees
Read the article and find out how you have to train your employees. Get to know tips that will help you do this in a proper way.
Personnel Famine
Discover the reasons of lack of personnel, learn why they are nor interested in the job.
Personnel Problem
Stuff is the basis of any enterprise. Learn the reasons of staff fluidity. Get to know what employers usually offer for their personnel and what their requirements are.
Problems the Metropolitan Chef Face with
Working in the country metropolitan head cook can face with different problems. Get to know how the restaurateur can solve them and why it is preferable to entrust the choice of chef-cook to advisers.
Recruiting Your Employees
It is very important to hire well-qualified employees. Read the article and find out things you should pay attention to when recruiting them.
Restaurant Industry's Careers
Find out how many employees work in the restaurant, what they do and how you can become one of them. Discover careers that restaurant industry offers you.
Sommelier plays an important role in the life of every restaurant. Read this article and find out how this person can influence on the popularity of your restaurant and what a sommelier should do, what his duties are.
Staff's Uniforms
Restaurant uniform is a great way for implementing branding strategies for your restaurant. Get to know how you can improve your restaurant's atmosphere and in what way it is better to choose and design your staff's uniforms.
The Main Chef's Specialties
Read the article and get to know the main specialties of being a chef. Find out the key tasks and duties of every chef. Discover whether it is easy to be a chef.