Strategy of Restaurant Promotion

You should consider your promotion strategy before opening a restaurant. Look through the most important points of the promotion plan.
Strategy of Restaurant Promotion
Everyone restaurateur should understand, that the majority of restaurants and clubs has a certain cycle of positive ability to live in the end of which it is necessary to offer the visitor absolutely new project. The cycle of positive ability to live will be the period of time when at correctly constructed policy of promotion, the enterprise is visited by visitors and makes a profit.

promotionOn the expiration of a cycle of positive ability to live of the enterprise, many founders solve, that active expensive advertising is necessary for attraction of visitors in their restaurant or club for them. This one of the greatest errors, unfortunately, founders understand it only then when will spend considerable money resources. Other problem of the picked up anti-recessionary collectives is absence of coordination between managers of a command, managing director and the chief-cook as they at all do not know each other and get acquainted in day of flying away, or than that is worse in territory of the crisis enterprise. In the given situation the problem of the human factor, certainly, works and for development of the scheme of interaction it is necessary for managers at least one - two months of the swing. The given experts, even possessing huge desire to normalize work of the enterprise as has imparted, cannot realize believed on them owing to absence of experience, and as consequence not ability of definition of a root of problems. In the given situation if you work in region, involve already developed collectives, and only on promotion of essentially new enterprises working no more half a year.

Working more than one and a half years in most cases are necessary for "reanimation" of restaurants and clubs cardinal measures. Even such measures as realization a new direction in cuisine and attraction new, as a rule, foreign the chief-cook, or attraction of the strong promoter, or active advertising, or many other things the actions realized separately, instead of within the limits of the project of new strategy of promotion will not bring desirable result, only will negatively affect your budget. Mine to you advice if here one and a half year you cannot already involve in yourselves visitors anything, and anybody any more will not help you, unfortunately. Begin all with zero. Close the institution on reconstruction. Develop the concept; develop strategy of promotion for restaurants at least for two years, for club at least for one year in view of all possible changes. Will invite designers and state to them the concept, let they to you will make at least three variants design of projects of internal furnish. Generate and necessarily work your future menu with calculation of modification and addition at least on a floor of year. Generate your wine and bar car together with suppliers to enter them in a foresight what or PR shares, all it is necessary to fix the contract about intentions. Perform other routine works on preparation of the documentation, rules, operational cards and other before opening of the future child as at least two months will be at you in a stock, such term, most likely you will spend for realization of your ideas and ideas in internal furnish. Do not forget to take the managing director who in a consequence at you will work, let it this period of time selects the linear personnel. Also supervises a foresight of painting and decorating. If you open restaurant or club from zero one of problems causing you a headache will have a licensing, reception of the allowing documentation and the conclusions, but it is a separate theme for following discussion.

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