How to Promote the Restaurant

Get to know why your need promotion for your institution, check out the basic questions of the restaurant marketing. Read ideas how to make the institution popular.
How to Promote the Restaurant

Today many interesting projects by way of ideas, design, cuisines, constantly open new institutions. In conditions of a wide choice to the client it is more difficult to allocate your restaurant and its advantages in comparison with others. On the other hand, quite often from them it is possible to hear a phrase: "there is no place to go to sit with friends or in general to have a rest..."

Important not only to determine correctly the audience for which the restaurant works, but also correctly to construct work with your clients, always to remain interesting. What is it necessary to do for this purpose? How to involve and keep clients, to build long-term relations with them? To achieve desirable results, it is necessary to look at the work not only by your own eyes (that is certainly important), but also to be able to appreciate the client's opinion. In fact clients determine value and viability of your restaurant.

The basic questions which you need to solve concern:
1. Marketing of restaurant: studying of a target audience (characteristics, behavior, and requirements), research of the competitive environment and positioning of restaurant, studying of opportunities and restrictions of a site.

2. The restaurant concept development: the basic idea, the name, a direction of cuisine, the menu, style and subjects of interior, national motives, style of service, the price policy, entertaining support, benefits and values for the client, individuality and traditions of restaurant, etc.

3. Development of corporate standards of service: scripts and ceremonies of service, legends and interesting histories from a life of an institution, exclusive submissions and presentations of dishes, scripts of dialogue with the visitor (the script of sales).

4. Development of the promotion plan of the restaurant and programs of loyalty (deduction of clients): drawing up of reports of information which media planning, accents in promotion reach the client, development of publicities, receptions of stimulation of visitors (holidays, discount cards, draws, gifts, tasting, souvenirs, etc.).

5. Drawing up of offers on expansion of services for increase of profitableness of restaurant.

In addition:
Diagnostics of restaurant is a complex of works on inspection of a state of affairs at restaurant and to definition of weak points, problem places on the certain parameters. Among these parameters: quality of servicing (quality of work and behavior of the personnel including as the personnel reacts to complaints of the client); an atmosphere of the restaurant; conformity of the incorporated concept, price policy and target clientele of the restaurant; quality and an aesthetics peep; work from the menu; the internal documentation regulating work of the restaurant, external information on restaurant (mass-media, printed promotional materials, the Internet), etc. The final variant of a complex of services is determined individually depending on wishes of the client and a current situation with research subject.

The standard margin on products at restaurant makes 300 %. At the competent approach to the organization of business and management of a financial stream, turnaround means and profits which they bring, quite should suffice on constant "promotion" of restaurant. The blessing, specificity of this business it is those, that it, as a rule, does not demand attraction of expensive advertising carriers.
Successful restaurants on a regular basis update the menu, make changes to registration of a hall, and constantly improve system of service.

Each restaurant should have an attractive signboard. Quite good service is advertising on the Internet: at the competent organization and "promotion" of a site and its regular updating it can become the effective tool on attraction of new clients.

In a hall it is possible to spread out booklets and leaflets. If at restaurant periodically take place performances of musical collectives they can contain the information on forthcoming concerts. Advertising-polygraphist production can be distributed by means of address dispatch or to display on mail boxes of nearby houses.

Souvenir production uses the big popularity: firm matches, lighters, the glasses issued in style of your restaurant and so forth it is natural, on each subject the logo of an institution should be placed.