The Restaurant Press Kit

There is one good way to promote your restaurant. Discover what it is and how it can make your establishment to be known and famed.
The Restaurant Press Kit

You have a nice restaurant and it is normal if you want to see articles about it in magazines. If it is so then help the media to publish favorable articles and broadcast positive stories about your restaurant. All you have to do for this is to gather all the information about your establishment. In this case you need the press kit which is also called a media kit. This is a printed or online packet of information that helps reporters write true stories.

The restaurant press kit is useful thing because it contains a collection of company information and articles designed to inform the media, investors, potential clients and others. Its tasks are grabbing the reader's attention, making a lasting impression and stimulating interest – such as moving a reporter to write a story. Believe you need this helpful tool. With it reporters can save time and improve accuracy and sometimes, when they are on deadline, they will copy paragraphs, articles and press releases you have prepared word for word. It is possible to incorporate press kits as marketing materials to share with potential guests and customers. Besides, a press kit should be complete.

The main components restaurant press kits should include:

Letter of introduction
This is also called a pitch letter and is the first impression a reporter of reader will get. It describes why your company is newsworthy and attractive, includes a table of contents or a short description of the items enclosed in the actual restaurant press kit. Don't forget to write all contact information here.
Information on the company

You should write a company history, a company profile, and bio sheets of your key staff members, including the CEO, managers and chefs. Don't forget about recent press publications and articles that may be copies of articles that have been written about your restaurant. Eventually, what other media members have done will interest your current media targets. Story reprints and printouts of online press that a company might have received are what it includes. You can also post links to the stories for online press kits.

Press releases
Use audio and video files of radio or TV interviews, speeches, performances and any other media-covered event that ideal for online press kits. An archive of current and past can also give much information.

Financial information
Financial statements and additional investor-related news are very appropriate for the press kit. Include the list of frequently asked questions that will help the editor determine what questions to ask you in an interview.

But there are other items you should include:

1. Nonprofit and community-service involvement
2. Recent awards
3. Photos and camera-ready logos
4. Information on upcoming promotions and special events
5. Columns and features written by your key staff members
6. Feature article material, such as articles written by company officers or senior management

Your restaurant press kit is the key to publicity. This is because getting attention is significant not only with audiences, but also with editors. Remember that you don't have to imagine your press kit. The media want information but not lustre. Make sure your restaurant press kit is complete and includes items that will help make a reporter's job easier when writing about your restaurant and you'll see that very soon your restaurant will be known by many people.