New Forms of Restaurants Advertising

Get the complete information about different forms of restaurant advertising, discover new forms and choose ones that suit your needs best.
New Forms of Restaurants Advertising

Development of restaurant business directly is reflected on advertising of restaurants. The volume of advertising grows and its quality improves. However budgets of the majority of the institutions, allocated for advertising, do not allow spending expensive campaigns. To involve visitors, restaurateurs invent the most unexpected ways.

Skill to prepare for tasty and beautiful dishes is a talent with which admired all over the world. Today in conditions of a rigid competition between the restaurants, skill to tell about these dishes for which they are intended is even more demanded. Attraction of new visitors and preservation of a stream of constant clients are the primary goals of any advertising campaign.

The success of restaurant depends on many components: besides advertising, on popularity the degree of service, kitchen, a fashion, a site and other factors which influence is difficult to predict.

Today at visiting restaurants visitors necessarily wish to see something new, thus for maintenance of interest of clients, changes should be made constantly, differently people quickly get used to them. To warm up interest to the restaurants, the new menu is developed or the new menu is deduced. Efficiency of advertising depends on that, how much unexpected and new it will be. In restaurant sphere cooperation with the known companies-manufacturers is traditional. Some restaurants involve the untwisted brands in registration of own institutions. Similar advertising approaches for night clubs. People come to restaurant behind another. It is necessary to keep the person and to do accent on the menu and quality of service. To understand, how much productive the advertising campaign was it is not necessary to be guided only by financial parameters. They are spent in the form of regular interrogations among identical groups of respondents. Efficiency of an advertising campaign is measured first of all by such parameter, as spontaneous knowledge of the trade mark and knowledge of mark. The results received during interrogation before the beginning of an advertising campaign, are compared to the results received after its termination. How the level of knowledge of mark has changed, it is possible to judge success of the lead action. The most important parameter at an estimation of results of an advertising campaign is the knowledge of mark without the help. The above this knowledge, the campaign was more successful.

Training researches, first of all, are necessary there where there is the continuous, quickly changing process demanding the constant control over operators of the market. In restaurant sphere such dynamics is characteristic, perhaps, only for a segment of a fast food. Besides network restaurants have greater marketing budgets and presume carrying out training researches. In restaurant business there are some the most widespread forms of advertising. Kinds of advertising influence get out depending on the purposes of planned campaign. Such purposes can be or attraction of new clients, or stimulation of demand among already existing visitors of an institution. For stimulation of sales among existing clients it is used BTL (Below the Line) - marketing, i.e. advertising influence is direct on a place of sales.

Everything concerns to the given method, which is connected with advertising inside of restaurants, preparation of the personnel, direct post dispatch and competitions. This approach is used often by the large companies. First of all, it is necessary to try to involve internal resources, such as work with the visitor, advertising in restaurants both post and electronic dispatch on a database of guests of honor. Attraction of new clients is more difficult problem. For maintenance of a stream of regular customer’s traditional advertising which is described by term ATL (Above the Line) is used. This kind of advertising is placed in mass-media and means strong marketing support.

It is known, that advertising in mass-media expensive. However accommodation of advertising in magazines at high cost does not give an opportunity for flexible advertising policy. The matter is that the period of manufacture of one magazine can reach three months. Fast effect advertising on radio and gives the extension in city streets. Greater advantage of such advertising is short term of manufacture and accommodation.
When it is necessary to influence simultaneously on both groups of clients (already existing and potential), the combination of methods ATL and BTL is applied. Experts of advertising name this way TTL (Through the Line). Full-scale advertising shares on pockets it is far not to each restaurant.

Small advertising budgets compel restaurateurs to search for new ways of attraction of visitors. Lately a plenty of restaurants has let out discount cards. In opinion of experts of restaurant business, it considerably increases a stream of constant visitors. Certainly, the discount to receive pleasantly, but for public the high degree of service, an atmosphere of an institution has greater value. One of ways of creation of such atmosphere is release of musical collections under mark of restaurant or cafe.

In some cases such musical projects are interesting to large sound recording studios. The written down disks extend not only at restaurants, they are on sale through musical shops, that, providing the additional income to the owners. Similar unexpected variants of partnership in restaurant sphere only arise.