Mistakes while Promote the Restaurant

Planning your promotion consider the most common mistakes restaurateurs make, get to know what they can cause and how to avoid these mistakes.
Mistakes while Promote the Restaurant

Attraction and keeping of clients is the basic purpose of any business, and restaurant business is not exception. Many reasons influence this process such as quality and originality of cuisine, service, the price policy, an atmosphere, an interior, and certainly PR tools. The most important things for a restaurant are proceeding concepts of an institution and interests of the clientele. And still, try not to make serious mistakes by development and planning of promotion of the restaurant so to not start up the advertising budget on a wind.

In the restaurant environment there is an opinion, that the most true way - popularity "by word of mouth" when your restaurant becomes a subject of the enthusiastic story. In opinion of many experts, it is very powerful reception, especially if it is used and operated correctly…
Today in "problems of the choice" conditions (that concerns to large cities more likely) it is not necessary to exclude necessities for "classical" promotion of restaurant. Probably, the some people will find acknowledgement to the ideas, and the some these questions will help to reconsider the view at promotion of the restaurant.

Mistake №1.  Absence or an illegibility of positioning
Clients of the restaurant is the main thing for the sake of what actually all and is conceived. Thus the client isn't abstract concept! At the restaurant the certain group of visitors with the certain characteristics, in marketing language a target audience gathers. And the situation usually develops so: or you form this audience, or it is formed spontaneously, in itself, that frequently leads to unfavorable results. You counted on middle class, businessmen, and persons of "a doubtful occupation", etc.

Any restaurant has a VISITOR! The client feels comfortably in the given institution which corresponds to its values, to interests, habits, stereotypes, etc. For restaurant formation of the "necessary" clientele demands an investment of the certain and concrete efforts and means in creation "comfortable" for it an image of an institution. A basis of any promotion strategy is positioning. In other words, it is necessary to answer the question: who should come to my restaurant and what for my client comes to my restaurant, instead of another? It is important to determine, that is value for this audience in comparison with similar institutions, which is competitive advantage of your restaurant.

Well-known, that not simply place where it is possible is tasty to eat restaurant, here come to replace conditions, to have a rest after the intense working day, to communicate and have fun with friends, to make impression upon business partners, to confirm the status.

Mistake №2. Inconsistency of promotion
Inconsistency of promotion prevents formation of the client's steady opinion on an institution, its image differing competitors. For example, that in printed mass-media it is possible to see a number of advertising reference to one institution without the precise concept, without constant idea: style and color scale vary every month, photos are replaced by stages from cartoon films, and there are new heroes. As a result, instead of a precise image recognized emotionally the reader each time perceives all this as advertising of a new institution.

In the majority it is important to know, what exactly people expect from the restaurant to become its regular customer.
Advertising should be precisely identified with a concrete institution.

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