Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Read about advertising tips that are useful in your business. You can also read about main marketing strategies you can use when having your restaurant.
Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Opening a restaurant, you think over customers you will need. This is important for your establishment to have success. Thus you have to have your restaurant marketing strategy that should be the biggest part of bringing in new business. The following are a few restaurant marketing strategies. Consider them and try.

marketing-strategy1. Marketing your Restaurant in Hotel and Motel Rooms
Remember that people on vacation and people, who do a great deal of traveling, will want to know where to find a superb meal in your town. You have to call or visit hotel and motels within a 5 mile radius of your restaurant, and ask them if you can place menus and coupons in their rooms and lobby areas. However, some hotels and motels provide a list of area attractions for their guests. Thus ask them if you can add your restaurant to their list. Be sure, when the guests get hungry, having seen your menu or your name on the list, they will certainly think of your restaurant.

2. Forming an Alliance with Local Event Sponsors
Usually, after any local concert or sporting event, people are ready to have a meal before they go home. Having come from quite a long distance to these events, many people will be looking for a place to eat before they go home. You can advertise on existing monitors, or have someone stationed at the door and give out menus when the patrons go inside. Moreover, in exchange for the advertising you can advertise the event in your restaurant.

3. Entering and Sponsoring Contests
Entering and winning a contest is one of the biggest ways to use a restaurant marketing strategy. Creating contests in your restaurant will bring in customers. It is also possible for you to enter your cook or chef in a cooking contest or enter contests in restaurant magazines and browse the internet to find contest to enter.

4. Selling Gift Certificates
Offer gift certificates. Your customers can buy them for their friends. And in this case they can try your cuisine. However, each gift certificate is a referral to your restaurant. The gift certificates have to come in some different amounts. This will help the buyers to decide how much to spend.

5. Giving out Samples in Busy Locations
Let some of your staff go to busy locations such as shopping centers, parks, malls etc. Their task will be to give out samples of your most popular fare. And when someone stops to sample your fare, you can hand them a menu, a special flyers, a business card, and a coupon for savings at your establishment. With this you will have more traffic and so many pleased customers.

6. Offering Specials
Consider offering special prices on great food on special days. Offer frequent diner cards so that they can get a free meal after buying so many at the restaurant. It is great if you offer a buffet of finger foods at special prices from 11 to 2 for the lunch hour.

Be sure, knowing all these tips you will be able to have many customers and in this way make your establishment success.