Restaurant Email Clubs

Find out in what way, having email club, you can decoy customers to your restaurant. Read how join more people to your email club.
Restaurant Email Clubs

email-clubsRestaurant owners face to many problems in their business. Getting enough satisfaction feedback from their customers is one of their challenges. Even research shows that up to 90% of dissatisfied customers will not do business with you again and won't even bother to tell you why. But there are ways to get satisfaction level indications in the absence of direct customer feedback. It is possible in case you have an email club.

Email Clubs
The main aim of restaurant email clubs is to decoy customers to join them. They promise future coupons or promotions that are emailed to them. For customers that have just had a great experience the decision to join is an easy one. But for customers only "satisfied" the decision is a little tougher.

Too many email messages are got by people. And it is normal that they may be unwilling to join your email club. Especially, it is right if they do not intend to go back to your restaurant any time soon. But there are customers that have had a bad experience. In this case their decision will be not to go there.

A Simple Metric
You always ask your customers to join your email club. But assuming this after each transaction, just look at the ratio of the number of people that have joined your club per week divided by the number of customers served over that period of time. This will help you to have a good estimate of the percentage of people that were most likely "very satisfied" or at least "satisfied".

Leading Indicator
Use the ratio only as an important indicator. It is a good indication of a great customer experience for customers visiting your restaurant for the first time. Besides, the ratio evidently does not take into account regular customers that have already joined your club.

Using other mechanisms such as comment cards or online surveys you still need to push for customer feedback. It is hard to get customer feedback. Nevertheless, you can have some indication whether or not you are delivering great food and service.