Discount Cards

Learn more about different discount cards, check out what benefits they provide with. Think over release of own discount cards.
Discount Cards
Except for usual, there are also so-called "gold" cards on which discounts at a rate of 20 % are given. Such cards, as a rule, stand out to individually important clients for the restaurant, i.e. are not used in the mass order. For reception of such and greater discount the client should visit an institution not less 2-3 times per a week or make the big order, and then director of the restaurant makes a decision on presentation of a card independently or under the request of the client. There are as well "platinum" cards, at a discount 25-30 %, but their quantity is very insignificant.

discount_cardsHow necessary for restaurants participation in discount programs is?
Carried out researches have shown, that despite of a level of incomes of visitors, presence of discounts in the restaurant is one of the basic criteria of a choice the institution. Managers of the restaurants understand also it; therefore many popular institutions support 2-3 discount programs at least. However the management of restaurant should estimate and reckon the price policy. In fact presence of an extensive fan of significant discounts can turn back short-reception of profit. At the same time it is necessary to consider psychological aspect of discounts granting. Having a discount card the visitor is subconsciously more inclined to extensive orders.

How do you think, when it is meaningful for a restaurant to release own cards?
If the restaurant has been opened recently and have no clientele still, a discount program can become one of effective tools of new visitors attraction. In this case active distribution of own cards with no less than 10 % discount and thousand copies at least is meaningful. In due course, when the audience of an institution is already generated (it occurs in a year on the average), it is important not to miss the time and distribute cards with the greater discount among constant clients. In this case the restaurant increase chances to keep them for a long time. If the restaurant is successfully functioning for a long time, it is necessary to approach to this question more precisely. The presence of great amount of cards can cause reduction of a profit. Moreover, the client have got the significant discount too easily he can have not groundless suspicions, that the price is overestimated in this restaurant.

Whether is it possible to say, that the presence of several discount programs in the restaurant is an attribute of its prestigiousness?
I would say on the contrary, there are prestigious enough restaurants which do not accept any cards in general. The restaurant participation in discount programs depends on a correct evaluation of state of play. Participating in discount programs, the restaurant pursues 2 objectives. There are attraction of new clients and deduction old. Quite often restaurants agree with banks upon giving discounts by payment cards. It may favorable for banks, especially during promotion of own brands of payment cards.