Types of Restaurants

Check out types of restaurants, learn the difference between them, each type advantages and disadvantages and you'll be able to take the final decision on what restaurant meets your goals best.
Restaurants vary from simple eateries offering food service at low prices to expensive lunching or dining places with great choice of wine and other alcoholic beverages. In the first case, visitors usually wear casual clothing. But some elite restaurants require wearing semi-casual, semi-formal, or even formal wear.

Restaurants may specialize in specific types of food, certain theme or present a unifying menu, There are seafood, vegetarian, ethnic restaurants etc.
Beer Restaurants
Discover such very peculiar institutions as Beer Restaurant and Beer Bar, clear up the difference between them. Think over thing you should know opening the beer restaurant.
Buffet Restaurants
Get to know what the buffet restaurant is and what its characteristics are. Also you can find out how to open your buffet and what things you should pay your attention to.
Read the article and find out what is the difference between cafe and coffee house. Get to know the peculiarities of this establishment in many countries.
Casual Dining Restaurants
Get to know about such type of restaurant as casual dining one. Also find out about the main characteristics of it and what it offers to its customers.
Chain Restaurants
Look through the article and read about chain restaurants. Find out what characteristics apply to them and how to start this business.
Indian Restaurants
Read about the peculiarity of Indian food and how it serves at restaurants. Find out how to choose Indian restaurant that serves real Indian food.
Italian Restaurants
Find out about the specificity of Italian food. Get to know what dish you can taste in Italian restaurants and in what way you will be served there.
Mexican Restaurants
Read the article about Mexican food, how it differs from other cuisines. Find out what is served in Mexican restaurants.
Restaurant Takeaways
Find out how you can order food if you have no time for cooking. Read abut such type of restaurants that allows this service to everyone.
Restaurants of Fast Food
Investigate peculiarities of fast food restaurants, learn what things influence the popularity of such institutions. Get to know the average cost of fast food visit.
Seafood Restaurants
Consider the following information about seafood restaurants and their features. Find out how to find a restaurant serving fresh seafood.
Smoking and Non-Smoking Sections
Read the article that will show you the influence of smoking on your customers. Find out what is better: to implement a total ban of smoking or declare your restaurant as a smoke free establishment.
Sports Bar Restaurants
Get to know about the peculiarity of sports bar restaurants. Read how they differ from another types of restaurants and what patrons can fins there.
Sushi Restaurant
Find out more about Japanese cuisine. Read about sushi, how to eat them in a right way. Discover peculiarities of serving sushi at restaurants.
Terrace of the Restaurant
Consider summer terrace of your restaurant as an additional way to increase a profit. Check out advantages the awnings offer and get to know how to build up one.