How to Start From the Beginning

Get to know how many money is needed to establish a restaurant, what facts you should count choosing the place for your future enterprise.
How to Start From the Beginning

Creation of new restaurant business requires from a half year to one year, not considering time “inclusions in process”. Design, interior and equipment costs are about $ 500 thousand - $ 2 millions.

The experience shows that for restaurant of 4-5 stars level at the average margin on dishes in 300 % by quite good result will be a revolution in $25-40 thousand per one month. The profit in this case (without the taxes) can make of the order $5-15 thousand per one month.

In private restaurants the threshold comes at a revolution in $ 45 thousand. At the income in $ 70 thousand will make here about $ 10 thousand profit.
But it is possible to reach such results only in the case that all is made on a science: the successful place is chosen and the good level of service is supplied.

start_from_beginningThe estimating prospects of a point, first of all determine "passable ness" of a street, on which it is located for this purpose it is necessary to count, how many people pass in one hour or for a day, how many automobiles pass. It’s important to estimate the intensively flow with the well dressed people and expensive automobiles. It is not less important to estimate how many banks, offices of the companies and establishments are around, where and how their employees prefer to eat. What is their average account? It is necessary to receive the answer to these questions. If, for example, from the business - centre up to restaurant to go four minutes, it will be more successful, than its competitor in eight minutes of walking. And one more indispensable condition: the institution should be located on the first floor.

The unsuccessful choice of a place does not mean a prompt failure of the project, but in any case requires additional money and forces.

However, in a number of cases the clients are ready to suffer from an inconvenient arrangement of restaurant and absence of expensive surroundings.