Restaurant Sanitation

Sanitation is the main problem every restaurant should pay attention to. Read the article and get to know how you can prevent your establishment from problems with bacteria and how to train your staff to do their job accurately.
Restaurant Sanitation

sanitationEvery restaurant has a natural challenge that just comes with the territory. And this is cleanliness and food safety. Very often restaurants get unceremoniously shut down by the Health Department because of dirty food products. You have to very attentive because even a puddle of muck on the floor in your kitchen is the reason for a bad word-of-mouth campaign to start circulating about your establishment.

There are many restaurants that have innumerable problems behind their counters. However, the rules are put into place and compelled by management, inspectors, the Food and Drug Administration, and so forth. Being the manager you have to be cautious. Make sure that every employee knows and follows the rules according sanitation.

Bacteria transfer is the main reason of food poisoning. This is because of food not being properly cooked or kept at the proper temperature. It is often too easy for the employees to compromise their obligations for the sake of saving time. Before they know it, they've served a meal that carries a dangerous risk of food poisoning. That's why the rules should be followed every time. This is because the consequences can be dreadful.

You have to ensure that your employees are accurately doing their job. They must care about their job and in return feel valued so that they will be more willing to fulfill their amenabilities properly. But there are factors that force employees to do their job not well. These may be low pay, long hours, and little recognition.

No doubt, it is also important for employees to clean up after themselves because unclean areas can spread bacteria and be the reason for food poisoning. Pay attention to food containers that can be not properly washed and stock that can be not properly rotated because they also can include bacteria.

sanitationKeep an eye on your employees: they have to wash their hands before returning to their work. That's why every restaurant should have at least one sink designated for hand washing only, with properly posted instructions, and including the necessary soap, paper towels. Even wearing gloves can’t save you from bacteria.

It is a good idea if your employees wear hair nets for keeping stray hairs out of food. Besides, wearing long hair tied back in a ponytail or braid is a must.

Make sure that your hopes of your employees are rational, and hold regular training programs. Remember that even taking a few hours out of a day between meal times for conducting a food safety drill will go a long way to promoting healthy practices in your kitchen. To avert your employees from resenting your surprise inspection, show up ready to help out for an hour or so during the shift. Moreover, you can show the staff that you can work beside them as equals.