Taking out the Sanctions

Learn what complications the future restaurateur may face with while opening the enterprise. Check out the main sanctions and licenses to obtain.
Taking out the Sanctions
Certainly the future owner may try to settle all issues yourself. Nevertheless there are people able to assist the future restaurateurs from the very beginning, even with registration of the legal person. Thus, think over employing a lawyer, not only for replacing you in official channels (practically it is impossible), but first of all for the help with correct registration. The establishment and maintenance of personal contacts at all levels should be a prerogative of the director of the future restaurant. It is necessary to remember beginning of actions on taking out the sanction on the rent that the man who has come to authorities to strive for opening a restaurant, is in their eyes invaluable source of updating of any sort of funds.
After taking out the sanction on rent, a stage of drawing up of the architectural, engineering and technological projects comes.

sanctionsThere will be also inspection of a premise by the representatives of various services electricians, firemen and so on. Thus there will be inevitable complications, to which the owner should get used. So, if a premise is old, it should survey for durability of the base and beams, if the building concerns to historical monuments, it is necessary to deal with the appropriate management. If the object will have not enough power supply and it will be necessary to lay a cable or, it is worse than that if to erect a separately worth building and to pull for tens, it is necessary to receive hundreds meters of engineering networks, again of uncountable coordination etc.

After the statement of the project by the firemen before the beginning of construction it is necessary to receive the sanction of a department.
While there is a construction, it is necessary to engage also in reception of the patent on employment by trade activity, license for the right of manufacture and realization of products of a meal in sphere of eating, and also license for retail sale of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.