Establish Restaurant in Region

Investigate peculiarities of restaurant business in region, read what is more preferable to invite metropolitan head-cook or local.
Establish Restaurant in Region

Very frequently destiny of a restaurant institution is decided by the staff, and regional restaurateurs understand it. Modern institution, putting image, and the respect for the trade of above own life to find, certainly, is heavy. But the managers on the personnel consulting Restaurant Company can pick up the skilled expert capable to adjust work of an institution, to transfer experience, to ensure the stable income of restaurant and to make it by one of prestigious institutions of a city.
Who goes in regions? In regions usually go chefs which have sufficient experience of work in the restaurants. Very much frequently are the young, vigorous, arrogant experts, which want not simply to earn, and to develop, to affirm, to be proud of opening of a new institution.

Why the metropolitan cook is preferred than local professional cook? First, they are more acquainted with the world culinary art. Secondly, he develops kitchen “from zero”, promotes an enterprise, trains the local personnel. And after the contract termination and departure of the expert the work of the enterprise does not stop. The restaurant continues stably to work. Certainly, it is also possible to send local experts on training, even abroad, however it can be more expensive. There is also another risk: having received experience the trained expert who has been not connected by the obligations, quite can go to the competitor.

What it is necessary to take into account while choosing the expert? The employers frequently prefer to see "fanatic" chiefs. This man, in their opinion, always should be on a place for many answers. And not fixed working hours - in the order of things, at least, on the initial stage of work. Experts realize it to the full. Again much depends on as correctly and rationally chief work with all chain of the personnel of kitchen as a whole organism.

Frequently employer decides what chefs to choose: the virtuoso or organizer? First he will create tremendous culinary masterpieces (basically, it is the winners of every possible competitions and festivals), only on the good equipment and from the best products. Excellent organizer is capable to make a restaurant successful faster. You see, the visitors of restaurants in regions will estimate constant quality of a dish first of all. Therefore it is more preferable for a regional restaurateur to search for the skilled chef with “luggage”", who would be also connoisseur of kitchen gifted cook, and skilful manager, able to organize production competently. Then the purpose of the employer, maximum to advance restaurant to the client to receive profitable business, will be achieved.

So, it is possible to make a portrait of the ideal chef for regional restaurateur:
• Work experience in prestigious institutions.
• Skill masterly to prepare and to make out dishes in the context of the given menu.
• Knowledge of several cuisines.
• Skill to develop technological cards.
• Creativeness.
• Skill to train the personnel to transfer experience.
• An opportunity to work for 12 hours per day.
• Representative appearance (it is important to talk with visitors), self-confidence.