Restaurant Profitability

Discover the ways how to increase the profitability of your restaurant and make your money.
Restaurant Profitability

The restaurant industry is getting overcrowded. Thus customers, who now have more choices, are demanding added services and features for the sake of convenience.

Be sure that some of your competitors have already started responding to those customer demands. Nevertheless, it's going to be the smart ones, who will be raking in the dough.

You're in business to make money, not to lose money. Thus, let's cut to the chase and try to imagine the following situation for just a moment:

•  Try to imagine your customers never having to be placed on hold again when they call to place their orders....NEVER!
•  Then imagine your customers never having to hear busy signals again...
•  Your customers are at home or at work. Imagine that they have the ability to look at your entire menu. And...picture this for a moment, as they're choosing the foods they want to eat, they're also being up sold other related food items...100% of the time!
•  So, imagine if all of their orders were correct and without mistakes 100% of the time!

That's all an online ordering system.

You have to see how something like this can make your restaurant more gainful and how your customers would profit from having something like this setup in your restaurant. But can you?

You may not want to think over the Internet as an important tool in growing your business. But you know for sure that you don’t want to make the error of ignoring what's already here...

However, in less than 5 years, on-line ordering this will become the standard for the restaurant industry!
According to the National Restaurant Association, 58% of Restaurant Sales Are Taken Out.

•  As the results has showed, 40% of Americans have visited restaurant web sites in the last year to look at menus. 28% have used the Internet to choose a restaurant to dine at or to order food from in the last year.
•  The Internet have been used to find out information about a restaurant people have not patronized before – 45% of 25-to-year-olds.

The benefits of having an online ordering system:
•  This will help you not to miss an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell other menu items.
•  You can also free up your staff to take care of your in-store customers.
•  Gather customer data that is "invaluable" in marketing and creating customer loyalty.
•  Offer your customers more ways to order take-out and/or delivery.
•  Enhance customer loyalty.
•  Make take-out and/or delivery orders fun and fast for your customers.
•  Process many more take-out orders in the same time.
•  Reduce "human mistake" in taking orders by telephone.
•  Speed up the whole take-out and/or delivery process.
•  Assure every order is executed consistently the way management "wants it done."
•  Diminish the number of man-hours required for staff to answer phones & take orders.

Be sure, you'll make more money and your customers will appreciate the added convenience!