Restaurant Paging System

Find out how a restaurant paging system can help you and your customers. Read how this device is used and what types of it are the most popular.
Restaurant Paging System
paging-systemJust imagine such situation: it's the weekend and you have plans for an elaborate dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city. But being very busy you fail to reserve a table. When you walk in, you see that it is crowded. In spite of this, the hostess writes down your name and asks you to wait till your name is called out. So, you are waiting and walking around the restaurant. But suddenly, your name is hollered over a megaphone.

You hurry to the hostess but your name is hollered again and again till you reach the spot. So, you get the table alright, but you wonder whatever happened to good old privacy and discreetness. But if the restaurant had a paging system in place, it would have been far easier and comfortable for both parties.

But what is a restaurant paging system? This is a simple to use device. It uses the paging technology. Such system helps a customer to find a table when all of them are occupied.  So, if a guest walks into a restaurant but there is no table free, then he is handed over a pager and is asked to wait. And later, when a table becomes vacant, the pager buzzes or blinks or even shows a customized text message and in this way it informs the visitor about it. This system is great as it brings about a certain level of organization and improves the customer satisfaction levels.

Don't think that a Restaurant paging is extremely costly. It is not true. A normal restaurant paging system consists of 12 pagers, a transmitter and a central unit. And every such system usually costs around $500. Nevertheless, there are cheaper and more expensive systems also available for buying.

Types of pagers
Numerous types of pagers are used in Restaurant paging systems. But the most common ones are:

1. Beeper. As for this type, these are the oldest and the commonest of the lot. Being the most broadly used ones around the world, they either beep or light up.

2. Alphanumeric. These pagers are slightly advanced and can display messages in both alphabetic as well as numeric characters.

Be sure with these pagers you and your customers will be satisfied and the image of your establishment will increase.