The Necessity of Insurance

Check out the following information and get to know why restaurant owners need insurance and how it can help to reduce your risks.
The Necessity of Insurance

If you have a restaurant you have to be protected in all aspects. It is important as a restaurant business is an intense risk. To protect yourself it is important to buy insurance. Be sure, it will help you reduce your risk and keep your dream a safe investment. The following are things you have to watch out and be protected.

Kitchen Fires
As an establishment owner, you have to be completely protected. The guaranty of your prevention is your care and completely protection. You have to be sure of having appropriate fire control systems in place and maintained. It is required by insurance companies that your heat producing cooking equipment, particularly grease sources (fryers, grills, ranges), must have a fire suppression system and vent hood overhead. Pay attention to the grease handling in the kitchen as it presents a high risk of both starting a fire and fuelling a fire started from another source. To keep these cooking oils from reuniting, it is important to have a Wet Foam system that has the capability to cool a fire sufficiently. 

insuranceElectrical Fire
Except a cooking or a grease fire, there can also be an en electrical fire caused with overloaded or malfunctioning electrical equipment. That's why, it is very important to check your electricity in the kitchen. 

Slip & Fall Lawsuits
However, there is one more risk and this is having a customer slip and fall. This is because of the large number of customer visits and the added hazard of food spills. To prevent this you should walk your entire business location and look for any irregular walking surface or other hazard in your public space that can cause a person to trip and fall. You have to remove these hazards as soon as possible. Stairs have to be protected with strong handrails. Your employees and shift managers have clean any spills promptly. 

Food Related Lawsuits
There are also cases when a restaurant owner can be sued after a customer becomes ill after eating and contracting a food borne illness. That's why, your food must be fresh and properly cooked. For this know your food product sources, keep your food inventory fresh by ordering sensibly and discarding any food approaching expiration. Your food preparation areas must be clean and unpolluted. 

Liquor Liability
Every restaurant owner has to be protected from lawsuits resulting from alcohol-related incidents. Serving beer, wine or other liquor, don't risk you Liquor License or a lawsuit by serving intoxicated or under-aged patrons. Liquor Liability coverage must be included in your insurance policy. 

Property Risks
Having a restaurant, it means that you possess large equipment, building improvements and food stock. Your lease may also require property insurance. In any case, it is advisable for you to visualize what it would take to restore your restaurant after a major fire. Include the lease improvements to restore your space, the kitchen equipment and built-ins, tableware and food stocks. 

Employee Injury Lawsuits
Of course, having a food establishment you have a big responsibility as your hired staff is your biggest asset and one of your biggest lawsuit risks. There are many hazards for your employees when preparing food. To prevent any risk you have to minimize the kitchen risks with appropriate training and safety appliances. Slipping and falling is another injury in this area employees collide with. In this case Worker's Compensation Insurance is critical liability protection for any employer.

Remember, that you have to be prevented and only protection is your best insurance in the restaurant business. It is better to understand all the special risks you have and ways to lessen them. Be sure, appropriate commercial insurance protection is what you need to make your business prospering.