Protecting Your Foodservice Facility

There are cases when food products just get lost. Discover how you can prevent yourself from theft at your kitchen, find ways that will help you in this.
Protecting Your Foodservice Facility

foodsrvice-facilityThere are many people who have access to the kitchen facility. They are kitchen staff, servers, suppliers, service agents. However, security is a critical issue in foodservice facilities. There is an important amount of money tied up in assets that are extremely desirable by others. It is important to observe for steak, lobster, and other expensive foods. Hospitality employees do not typically view the food in the walk-ins or dry storage rooms in this manner. And such people don't feel as culpable about taking something. They think that no one will notice this. Unfortunately, this may happen very often.

Nevertheless, you can protect your investment. There are some steps you can use for foreseeing theft.

First what you have to pay your attention to is the location of the office. But for this you should follow some rules that will help you determine the apt location. Having easy access or clear views of the back door is the first requirement to the office. If it is in close proximity to the door, would-be thieves might think twice about trying to sneak product by the manager's office.

The office has clear sight lines of as many work areas as possible. It is better for a manager not to spend much time in his office. He has to see what the staff is up to, or leave them with the feeling that they are being watched.

The number of alcoves and enclosed spaces in the kitchen should be limited. And open spaces, easily viewed from the main kitchen area or office should be incorporated instead.

Liquor and other valuable items should be held under lock and key. You should limit the number of people that have access to such product. So, on opening day, the manager asks where the liquor is to be kept and then learns it will be stored on the floor in the manager's office.

One issue that is unnoticed time and time again is the fact that suppliers often have unsupervised access to your kitchen facility. And once again, temptation and opportunity often leads to strange "loss of product."

The relationship between management or ownership and the staff is vital. Performance of the design techniques above will not assure the elimination of theft from your facility. But this will be as an important prevention to those that are thinking stealing.