Selecting Your Foodservice Equipment

Kitchen seems to be the most important place in the restaurant. That's why it is very important to select the right equipment you need. Get to know how to do this in a right way.
Selecting Your Foodservice Equipment

Opening a restaurant one day you will find yourself in a meeting with your kitchen designer. It means it is time to select the equipment for your restaurant. This process can scare you. This is because it is very important to select good needed equipment. However, you can use the following tips that certainly will be useful for you.

foodservice-equipmentThink over what the future will hold for your operation. It will better to do before you begin the process of selecting equipment for the current concept. First, think over pliability. If you expect that the concept will change over time, then you should plan for the equipment to be easily modified or replaced over time. If the idea will succeed or fail with the current concept, then planning for pliability is not as critical. Second thing you have to do is to consider whether this investment is a long-term or short-term investment. You should invest in reliable, quality equipment if you plan to own and operate the facility for an extend period of time. In case you are going to to sell the restaurant or considerably change the concept within the first few years of operation, it may be wise to invest in medium grade equipment that will suit your needs for the specific amount of time.

You should have your menu established before you can begin the equipment selection process. Besides, you can select the equipment without a menu. But this may result in a facility that is not specifically tailored to your operation. Too often, the end result from such an effort is a configuration that is less than ideal. To understand the following example you have to imagine that your menu is available.

The selection of equipment for a facility should be systematic. Reviewing each menu point and listing the individual pieces of equipment will be the best way to approach this task. Moreover, it will be required for preparation. The number of the products requiring preparation will also impact the equipment selection process. You should think over each ingredient and follow it through the facility from the time it enters the receiving area to the time it is returned to the kitchen after service. May be it is funny, but try to take something as simple as a baked potato, and follow it through the facility.

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