What the Client Pays for

Learn how to attract visitors to your restaurant and how to make your enterprise elite one.
What the Client Pays for

Usually up to 30 % of a revolution of restaurant leaves on purchase of products and from 5 % up to 40 % - on payment of the personnel. The law here is those: the above class of an institution, the more dearly manages creation of qualitative service.

Most favorable from the point of view of financial feedback are the desserts. On the second place - dish from expensive products: the margin is less, but the income is higher.
But that the client was ready to pay this or large sum, the level of restaurant should be high.
The visitors pay for meal and drinks - rest sauce, - for conditions from the client it is impossible to take, it simply creates mood.

clients_paymentIn the world as a maximum class the French restaurants are considered. For example, in particular in hotel Plaza Athena, waiter - the solid man of years 45-50 - knows not simply menu and structure of dishes, but also movement of products.

It can confidentially inform the visitor: today to five mornings our cook has gone on the market for freshen by a trout, now such product is brought into the water, is evaporated, and in ten minutes the dish will be on the table. Ticket time for complex dishes: 8-10 minutes - hors doers, 15-20 minutes - hot.
In some irreproachably serve, some amaze with magnificent interiors. And only in terms of simultaneously is present both first, and second, and third.

The choice of the successful concept is not less important, than selection of a suitable place or search of sources of financing of the project. The risk degree of reduces entry in a network duplicating model repeatedly confirmed efficiency. But such way is possible only in the case that the rate on opening of private institution is taken. For exclusive restaurants the name of the owner - it is important and becomes the warranty and promise of a holiday.

From new institutions the special attention to the concept of kitchen is required. It is possible to attract the clients or special cooking art, or, on the contrary, offering the qualitative standard: home meal, café, etc .
However, irrespective of the concept of an institution, its management aspires to one - growth of the profit. It is reached by two ways: reduction of an account part and increase of a revolution for the number of visiting.

Most valuable at restaurant are the place, brand and clients. Its success depends on the constant visitors, those who, having paid once come once more.