Choosing the Type of Your Restaurant

If you want to open your own restaurant and don’t know what type to choose, then read this article and find out some ideas of a restaurant that may be useful for you to choose.
Choosing the Type of Your Restaurant

Very often, having a desire to open your own restaurant, you can’t define what type of establishment it will be. It means you are debating the concept. And this is because there are many different types of restaurants you could open, but your restaurant idea should have a bit of a unique twist. But you can choose the basic idea, and then add your own restaurant concepts to the mix. However, only your menu items will define what type of decor and style your restaurant will basically have.

We can place restaurants into three groups:

1. Quick Service
Fast food restaurants refer to this group. These restaurants usually offer a menu limited to food items that can be prepared quickly. And this type of restaurant will usually have a drive through window and cater to take out. But if you want, you can incorporate your own restaurant ideas into this concept with special decor and uniforms.

2. Mid Scale
Restaurants of this type offer regular meals for a reasonable price. And this is a good value for customers. This type of restaurant can be a full service, buffet, or a limited service restaurant where the customers order at the counter and the food is delivered to them at a table. Having such establishment, you will be able to choose your own decor, and how your servers will dress. Nevertheless, many of these types of restaurants do not have a uniform for their workers, but ask them to wear a white shirt and black slacks or skirt.

3. Upscale
This type of restaurant offers a customer plenty of ambiance, and charming full service. As for the cuisine and the prices, they will be High end. Thus, you can incorporate your own restaurant concepts into this type of establishment as well. Moreover, you can also have a different type of theme such as a 1930 or 40's supper club where your servers dress in period attire, or a restaurant filled with antique gas station memorabilia and servers who wear elite coveralls.

Some of the ideas of a restaurant could be:

· Asian Cuisine. This kind of restaurants specializes in Oriental food service.

· Breakfast Restaurant. It specializes in big breakfasts, for a reasonable price.

· Dry Restaurants. Such establishments do not serve liquor.

· Casual Dining. It offers more of a laid back and family atmosphere with prices in the mid-range.

· Coffee Shop. Customers are provided here with different coffees, teas, and light meals.

· Concession. This type operates on beaches, at fairs, festivals, sporting events etc. Very often it is operated in the summer months, and has a menu limited to simple to prepare foods and snacks.

· Delicatessens. Such establishments offer foods that are usually consumed shortly after they are purchased. The main product is usually luncheon meats and cheeses. Customers are provided with sandwiches, salads, soups and other snacks. As for food preparation, it is simple or made ahead of time.

· Ethnic Restaurants. These restaurants can fall into all three categories. And the menus usually include some American versions of ethnic dishes and truly ethnic dishes.

· European Restaurants. These restaurants usually specialize in French, Italian, Spanish, etc. cuisine and can be a mid range or upscale establishment.

· Family Restaurant. It offers family friendly dining, and they usually offer specials every day. The menu is varied and they offer a child’s menu. A reasonable price is charged and it is usually casual.

· Fast Food. These restaurant ideas usually specialize in one or two main foods, and may also offer salads and simple desserts. Foods, the menu offers, are easy to prepare.

You see that any type of food or restaurant idea can be incorporated into a restaurant of your own. So, think over this and choose that type of restaurant you wish and do your best to make it successful.