How to Choose a Restaurant Name

Find out ways of naming your restaurant. Discover tips that will help to make your restaurant popular and special.
How to Choose a Restaurant Name

It is very important to choose a restaurant name. Remember that a good restaurant name is easy to remember and easy to spell. However, it reflects your restaurant's idea, its location. It may simply be a play on words. When choosing a restaurant name, think over the impression it will leave on customers.

It seems that it is simple to name a restaurant. This is because the owners very often take a cue from their restaurant's location. Pay attention to some peculiarities of the location and think out restaurant's name. So, try to name your restaurant after its locating.

choose-nameReflect a Theme in a Restaurant Name
When choosing a name you can ay attention to a theme or menu. For example, Chinese restaurants do this perfectly. Look at these names: Jade Palace, Fortune Fountain, and The New Great Wall. These names let customers know that they serve Chinese food. Serving a different type of menu, try to avoid calling your restaurant an ethnic name. This is because your clients can be confused. The reason is very simple. Having seen a name of a restaurant, they may think about another type of it.

Add a Personal Meaning to a Restaurant Name
Very often the name of a restaurant is connected with the owner's name or someone dear to it. You may name your restaurant after any name. Perhaps you have people who inspire you in this business. What ever the meaning behind your restaurant's name, be ready to share it with the public, who love a good story.

Play with Words
When naming your restaurant, you may play with words. Remember, that fun names that have nothing to do with food are usually easy to remember, and pass on by word of mouth. For example, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck called his earliest restaurant Spago, which is Italian slang for spaghetti. Little in the name would tell you that it serves a fusion of Mediterranean and California cuisine, with a specialty in wood-fired pizzas. And this is just a great name.

Avoid Trademarked Restaurant Names
Be very careful because there are many alike names. So, if your last name happens to be McDonalds, don't call your restaurant that. You are just asking for trouble. So, don't think about it even if it seems like a harmless gesture. However, you can think out your own good name that, no doubt, will be easy to remember and make your restaurant popular.