Banning Cell Phone in Restaurants

Find out why many restaurants are against cell phone conversations and why they ban cell phones.
Banning Cell Phone in Restaurants

Very often, when sitting in the restaurant, you can find yourself irritating. And the reason for this is somebody's cell phone conversation. So, what to do then? You can't say the person to stop it.

cell-phoneNevertheless, the problem with cell phones in restaurants is the cell phone owners' misuse of the technology through poor etiquette, and impolite, tactless behavior. People very often are infuriated out for a quiet meal, walk, subway ride or even in the movie theater. This is because the rude cell phone user is loud, careless, has a high degree of self importance, and behaves this way on every call. But after you get through one call, you are often subject to numerous others, all handled by the user in the same loud, frustrating manner.

But, nevertheless, what makes such people think that their cell phone conversations are of the slightest interest to anyone else? People want to eat a meal without this type of disruption.

That's why, cell phone use in restaurants has become a topic of conversation. Thus many restaurants have begun to forbid them from their dining areas. And for this reason there was a recent ABC poll. It was found that nearly 60% of people surveyed had been bothered by bad cell phone behavior and nearly half supported banning them in dining areas of restaurants. So, both these numbers have shown dramatic increases from earlier polls.

However, restaurants have rules against pets and smoking. A certain attire or jacket is also required by many of them. They know that great food is only part of the dining experience for their business. Atmosphere is very important as well. They know it and try to realize it.

Thus restaurant owners should ban the cell phone in the dining area. This is for creating the proper atmosphere for everyone to enjoy their meal before many unfortunate customers are forced to order earplugs with their appetizers.