What to Begin with

You are interested in opening new restaurant but don't know how to start? Begin with a suitable premise. Find out how to rent or build a restaurant, what papers you need for it.
What to Begin with

First of all start with finding-out where it is possible to find and get a suitable premise, a building or a site of the ground under your action. Practice shows, what exactly the site of restaurant often is that starting point to begin with creating its concept.

The future of the new restaurant will be from areas where the solvent people live in the majority, the more it should differ from other restaurants which they have got used to visit in cuisine, the refined interior, a cozy atmosphere and at last a class of an institution.

On the other hand, having a premise in the center, on crossing of transport and foot routes, it is necessary to reflect that in this case is more favorable to open an elite institution with the refined cuisine and expensive dishes or to construct quite democratic restaurant doing the rate on a turnover.

It is necessary to be determined in the following:
• What cuisine will be in the restaurant (European, Caucasian, Mexican, etc.);
• On what the restaurant (on semi finished items of a high degree of readiness, on raw material or both) will work;
• Lay-out of a trading hall.

If you have answers to these questions, it is possible to start reconstruction of premise, i.e. to begin design works. The basic part of the project in this case is the technological one. Its solving will give you the answer to many questions, namely:
- Whether the area on which you have decided to place a restaurant is large enough;
- How many will cost the complete set of the process equipment in several variants (domestic, import);
- What quantity of energy electricity, gas. It is necessary for you in operation of the restaurant;
- How many landing places will be at your restaurant?

After making a technological part of the project you will have the following technological documentation:
1. The layout decision of all premise of the future restaurant, approved by the civil engineer that during reconstruction not to take down bearing walls and not to disorganize a building. This plan should be necessarily approved by a public health service.

2. The specification in which there will be very detailed characteristic of the equipment: dimensions, power consumption, quantity, a factory-manufacturer and cost.

3. The assembly plan of a supply of points of communications. This technical paper is extremely important for such works, as distributing in electricians, water supply, the water drain, ventilation.

Having this package of the engineering specifications coordinated by corresponding instances, you correctly and competently in every aspect will lead reconstruction of the premise under restaurant. There will be a clear picture on the sum of material inputs, under the list of carried out works. The manufacture organized thus, as a rule, works long, effectively, without emergency situations. Having paid attention to the aforesaid you'll keep health during opening restaurant, and also in some times reduce material inputs.