Commercial Steamers

Get to know about commercial steamers. Read about their categories, peculiarities and methods of their using.
Commercial Steamers

As we know, steaming is the most efficient method of cooking nowadays and many people prefer steamed food. That's why, your restaurant has to have this device to satisfy your customers' needs.

Steamers work by transferring the heat created when water is boiled to the food. With this steaming is fast and the food retains its color and nutrients.

There are two categories of steamers: pressure and pressureless.

steamersPressure Steamers have the following peculiarities:
- Have smaller compartments
- Compartments cannot be opened while steaming
- Perfect for correctional facilities, hotels and large volume kitchens

Pressureless or Convection Steamers
- Have larger compartments
- Doors can be opened while steaming to check food
- Great for restaurants and places with menu items

If your food is steamed in water of poor quality, the taste will suffer. The water can make all the difference when cooking fresh or frozen foods. And this is chiefly important in direct steam units. It is vital to make sure that the water is not only clean, but of a good quality.

However, the warranty may become null and void. This may happen in case the water doesn't meet the manufacturer's recommended levels of solvent in the water used to steam the food.

Knowing all the methods of using steamers, you can cook health food to make your customers satisfied and healthier.