Commercial Plates

Here you can find the information how to choose the commercial dishs and what plates you should buy.
Commercial Plates

platesDishware is far more than just functional at every restaurant. As every element plays an important role in forming the restaurant's atmosphere, dishes are not the exception and they add personality to restaurant table settings, reflecting the ambience, design and theme of a restaurant. Before buying restaurant dishes you have to think over the following items.

Commercial plates are more expensive than those for personal use. There are different types of dishes at different price. It is better to buy in bulk that will help you to save.

The reason commercial dishes are more expensive than those you might pick up for your own kitchen is that they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of restaurant use.

Restaurant Design
When buying dishes for your restaurant, pay attention to its design as plates have to reflect the idea of décor. If you open a quaint little diner, then the classic white plates and coffee cups will do just fine. If you have Mexican or Italian restaurant, then you may buy plates with bold colors and designs. Remember, that dinnerware should reflect your restaurant theme and compliment the overall design of your restaurant. Some commercial dinnerware can even be customized with your restaurants name and logo.

What Dinnerware to Choose?
You may doubt what dishware to buy as there are many sorts of different plates. But to decide this, consider the idea of your restaurant, design, even its logo. Dishes should be the complement of your restaurant idea.

Some popular seafood chains use paper plates. But they are better to use for barbeques or other outside events. However, plastic plates are more durable and reusable than paper ones, but they still won't hold up the way classic china dinnerware will. You have to buy real porcelain or glass, but it has to be beautiful and practical, to attract clients. The plates should be nice and allow your customers enjoy the meal and have the desire to order more and more.