Commercial Mixers

Look through the types of commercial mixers. Find out how they work and how to choose the needed one.
Commercial Mixers

A mixer is one of a kitchen piece of equipment. It is used for mixing, grinding, beating and whipping the food ingredients. Moreover, kitchen aid mixer can mix soups, drinks and juices. It can also grind complicated food ingredients easily within a fraction of second and helps the people to finish their work fast.

There are two major types of mixers: hand mixer and stand mixer. Relying up on the type of mixer, the kitchen mixers will do any mixing task the user wants to do. Nowadays mixers are available in different shapes and designs in the market in different brand name names. They are usually designed for both commercial and household use.

mixersLet's see how they work. The mixer works with small motor driven by electrical energy. Mechanical principle, on which they all work, helps the food ingredients to grind. This is for combining ingredients while baking or cooking. With the help of 250 watts mixing power you can cream butter, knead dough and whip cream. Hand mixers have the motors which are placed inside an enclosure and which are small in size. But in stand mixers the motors are larger in size and capable of grinding large volume of ingredients.

Types of Mixers
As for hand mixers, they are hand-held devices. The hand is mounted on the enclosure containing the motor, which drives the beaters. And this beater is immersed in the food to be mixed. If you want to make cakes, brownie or cookie, then you need to use hand mixers. Such mixer takes less room and mostly works on batteries. As for the price, it is less compared to stand mixer. Such mixers are made up of plastic cover with stainless steel handle.

Mounted on the stand, stand mixers are larger in size and fixed with large motor. The main its feature is that it is provided with bowl that is locked in place when the mixer is operated. It is good for making breads and more complicated recipes. Moreover, it has attachment like pasta roller and meat grinders that expands the usage of this mixer behind grinding. With this kind of mixer you can grind large quantity of food at high speed. Unlike hand mixer, it is more powerful. Moreover, it could be used to process large quantities of flour or other ingredients. It is made up of plastic with the bowl in stainless steel.

So, looking for a good mixer for your restaurant, first determine the usage and the purpose that mixer will serve. What mixer you buy will depend on the usage and quantity. Pay also your attention to the ease of operation, availability of adequate accessories and good customer service and after service care. Be sure these tips will help you to make the right choice.