Commercial Knives

Read the article about kitchen knives, their types, purpose. Find out how to choose them for your restaurant.
Commercial Knives

It is very important for every cook to have the best kitchen knives. So, identifying kitchen knives that could cut, chop and scrape well can solve half the problem with drudgery of cooking. Your cooks use them more than any other device.

Thus with a great knife in hand, it is easier to realize how simply the food can be prepared.

knivesPurpose of Commercial Knife
The main aim of a kitchen knife is to be used in food preparation. You can accomplish much of work with a few general-purpose knives. But there are also many specific knives that are designed for particular tasks. It is very important to choose the best knives for your kitchen. Knives have to suit to your employees hand. There are kitchen knives that have no gaps at the joint where the blade and handle meet, with a finely ground blade, and they are perhaps the best in the business. Besides, the handmade kitchen knives are also available. Moreover, they offer better grip than conventional kitchen knives.

Types of Knives
Essentially, there are five main types of kitchen knives:

Chef's Knife
Such knife is the largest one in the kitchen. It has a blade that is 8 inch to 10 inch long. Try to choose a knife that feels good and balanced in your hand. That's why, the blade should go all the way through the handle for the best wear and steadiness.

Paring Knife
Paring knife is the most often used knife in kitchen. This kind of knife is perfect for peeling and coring fruits and vegetables, cutting small objects, slicing, and other hand tasks.

Utility Knife
This knife is used for slicing meats and cheeses. Because of the right size of slicing this foodstuff, it is also called sandwich knife. Generally it is kept as additional knife in kitchen. Besides, it is slightly longer than paring and less than chef's in height.

Boning Knife
This kind of knife has more flexible blade to curve around meat and bone.

Bread Knife
Bread knife is usually serrated. It is recommend a serrated knife that has pointed serrations instead of wavy serrations for better control and longer knife life.

Be attentive when choosing a knife. This is because that knife that is not sharp is dangerous. Such knife can slip off the food you're cutting and simply cut your fingers instead. That's why, check the knife's balance and its sharpness. Your cooks will appreciate this.