Commercial Ice Makers

Find out what commercial ice makers are, how they work, their types, fundamentals. Read about ice makers' tips that help you to choose the right one. Discover what you should know when buying them.
Commercial Ice Makers

Such services as hospitals, food service industries, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs need to have such equipment as commercial ice makers. They are machines that are used to produce ice for use and preservation. A refrigeration system, a water supply, and a collection bin are main components that these machines consist of.

Fundamentals of commercial ice makers
You can choose the ice maker you'll prefer because there are two main types of them:

• Cubers. This is the first type. Cubers are the most common ice makers for commercial use - 80% of all ice machines in the US create ice in cube form. Very often restaurants, bars, hotels, convenience stores, and fast food franchises have the very these ice makers.

ice-makers Flakers. These ice makers are mainly used with hospitals, health care facilities and research laboratories. The main its characteristic is that the ice maker of this type is easy to pack and mold to any shape.

With the help of a typical ice maker several hundred pounds of ice per day can be produced. It also holds 80 to 100 pounds of ice in a collection bin. Every such machine has sliding or lift-up doors that provide access to the ice as well as an easy point of entry for technicians to service it.

There are ice machines that contain the icemaker, condenser, and storage in a single self-contained unit. But you can buy it also as separate components. However, many ice makers are designed to fit directly under counters that help you save space and provide easy access to the ice. Modular ice makers can stack on top of each other or sit side by side for intense use. Almost all machines also feature removable air filters and self-cleaning mechanisms. These details are useful as they remove dangerous bacteria.

How it works
For pouring water into a refrigerated ice tray ice makers use a pump. It works easily. The water freezes, and heating coils help loosen the cubes from the tray. It means that they can be harvested into a collection bin. Flaker icemaker has a crusher that breaks the ice into small pieces or flakes.

The machine is precluded from producing more ice than the collection bin can handle with the help of an automatic holding switch. But if you need more ice you are able to set the machine up to do this. But be careful because it is possible to do only when the bin begins to run low or at selected intervals.

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