Commercial Ice Makers

Find out what commercial ice makers are, how they work, their types, fundamentals. Read about ice makers' tips that help you to choose the right one. Discover what you should know when buying them.
Commercial Ice Makers

Water-cooled or air-cooled ice makers?
There are two types of ice makers: water-cooled and air-cooled. But before choosing one you should consider the main facts of them. Unlike water-cooled ice makers, air-cooled ones are inexpensive. Besides, they use more energy which may add to your utility expenses. As for water-cooled ice makers, they are effectual and quieter. In areas where water prices are high they may cost much. One more advantage of this kind of machines is that the heat used to remove the ice from the molds escapes from the machine through the vents and won't add to your air-conditioning expenses.

ice-makersYou should have an idea of how much you will need for your business every day. Be sure it is important.
It is possible to use condenser fans, compressors and thicker insulation for decreasing energy expenses. You can also decrease your lifetime energy expenses by several hundred dollars lowering the energy use. This is helpful because ice makers use a lot of energy.

Be aware how much energy your ice machine requires. For determining the rate of ice harvesting, energy used in making the ice, and water use The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) develops standards and tests units.

Warranties and customer support
Buying an ice maker you should get a solid warranty and reliable customer service from a trustworthy ice maker seller. It is necessary to get a complete warranty for your machine. By the way, most dealers will offer a short-term warranty on all parts and labor. But a longer warranty will be offered on the more expensive components such as the evaporator, compressor, and condenser. Moreover, you have to be given a contact of the company or the cell phone number or the address of an emergency help center where you can ask for help when something will be wrong. A vendor should provide you with this.

Ice maker buying checklist
Before buying your machine it's better to make a checklist that will help you with your business, warranty and savings. So, consider the next:

1. How much ice will I need for my business?
2. How much ice should my icemaker hold?
3. Would I prefer cube or flake ice?
4. Do I need a water-cooled system or an air-cooled system?
5. Am I getting the best energy savings from my ice machine?
6. Will I add to my ice machine over time?
7. What kind of warranty should I expect?

Backup generators. Try to include your ice maker as part of your emergency power planning. It is important. This is because you'll waste your money if you can't produce and keep up ice for your business.

Water consumption. Your ice maker can use more water than it takes to make the ice - 7 to 20 gallons of water create 50 pounds of ice. Then be aware of this. However, the extra water helps melt and release the ice as well as allows the ice maker to operate smoothly.

Work in layers. Freezing water layer by layer instead of all at once, ice makers produce clear ice which is more presentable in commercial settings than the cloudy ice you can make in an ice tray for your home freezer.

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