Commercial Ovens

Check out different types of ovens such as convection ovens, conveyor ovens, cook and hold ovens, and pizza ovens. Pay attention to their price, advantages and disadvantages and questions that arise before purchasing an oven.
Commercial Ovens

One cannot imagine restaurant kitchens without an oven. The choice of oven depends on the restaurant’s style and the type of meals you are going to cook. One should differentiate between four primary types of ovens: convection ovens, conveyor ovens, cook and hold ovens, and pizza ovens.
Let’s get acquainted with each type of oven.

commercial_ovenConvection ovens look like standard ovens, the only exception is the equipment that includes a fan for the circulation of the air inside. Due to such design heat can flow more evenly throughout the oven; it speeds the process of cooking and leads to more uniformly cooked food.
Convection ovens run on electricity (110, 280, or 240 volts), natural gas, or propane gas. Such ovens have coved corners that make the process of cleaning easier and have a one-year warranty.
A half-sized oven costs to $2,000. $3,000 to $5,000 is the price for a single-deck style, and about twice that price is the price for a double-deck version.

Conveyor ovens are consistent due to the design. As soon as you set the cooking temperature and conveyor speed, you put the food at the opening of the oven and wait till it gets ready. Such foods as pizza, sandwiches, meat, pastries, and bread can be cooked in conveyor ovens. It is necessary to clean the oven due to its enclosed design, because there are so many internal parts.

Conveyor ovens can be designed in countertop and freestanding position. Conveyor widths are from 14 to 32 inches and feature tunnel lengths vary from 18 to 70 inches. Some designs are stacked on top of another oven, because such design saves on space.
The price of conveyor ovens is much bigger comparing with other designs. A small countertop unit costs $4,000 to $10,000. Double- and triple-decker ovens cost twice that price. The price of standalone conveyor ovens is from $30,000 to $65,000 and more.

Cook and hold oven are used for food’s cooking and maintaining its temperature without having it dry out for 24 hours. The design is for food’s cooking and then shift cooking to a "hold" mode is programmed to the moment of the meals cooked completely. This "hold" cycle is triggered as soon as a definite internal temperature is reached for meats or a definite cook cycle is performed.
There is a great variety of cook and hold ovens from small countertop to large floor models, they have different price that is from a few thousand dollars up to ten thousand dollars due to its capacity.

Pizza oven are sold of different styles, the most widespread style used in pizzerias is the pizza deck oven. Such kind of oven has a single compartment used to slide one or more pizzas into the oven for cooking performed at the same time.
The size of standard pizza deck ovens is about 3' wide, 2' deep and 7" tall. The ovens with large capacity are about 50 percent larger on all sizes. They are found in single-, double-, or triple-stack configurations.
The price of countertop versions of deck ovens is a couple of thousand dollars; the more robust standalone versions cost $5,000 to $12,000 and more.

While buying the buyer is interested in many questions:
1) The space that is taken by the oven,
2) The possible difficulties occurred with clean the interior, especially the corners,
3) The necessary range in temperature,
4) The quantity of racks held in the oven,
5) The quantity of racks positions in the oven,
6) Available warranty options,
7) The available power requirements,
8) Available special venting considerations.