Commercial Fryers

Read about commercial fryers, their basic components and the price of commercial fryers. Pay special attention to the recommendation for the purchase of commercial fryers and commercial fryer tips.
Commercial Fryers

commercial_fryerCommercial fryers are cooking mechanisms for preparing fried foods. Different meals can be cooked with fryers during some minutes: chicken, fish, potatoes, cheese, pastries and ice cream. Frozen meals can become brown and fryers have an ability to cook up to 100 pounds of food per hour. Fast food outlets, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, hotels and cafeterias apply usually commercial fryers.
There are different models of commercial fryers: stand alones, portable countertop models that save space, floor models, or batteries of several small fryers.

Basic Components of a Fryer
Most fryers are made of stainless steel located on the front, sides, doors, and basket hangers. The food is saved in an insulated steel frypot. All sides of a fryer are welded. The frypot is like an "open pot" that can be easily maintained and cleaned by hand. The purpose of "cold zone" is the collection of crumbs and oil from the cooking area.

The purpose of thermostats is the maintaining of the oil temperature precise, typically 350 - 400 degrees. A 1 degree action thermostat saves the temperature steady and can cook the food continuously. It helps to prolong the life of your cooking oil or shortening. The purpose of a centerline thermostat is to sense frozen food items as soon as possible and the possibility to begin the cooking process started more quickly. Your fryer's thermostat can be able to work together with jet burners that can raise the cooking surface to help the flames to flow freely.
The purpose of a safety shut off is to activate if the temperature is more than certain levels or if the fryer is left on after business hours.

There are such elements of a fryer as:
• Disconnect-valve combo that avoids having intentional or accidental disconnect of the gas until the gas is totally shut down. It is also used for protection of your fryer from getting bacteria.
• Drainboard that helps to collects excess grease and can double as a cover for the frying area when it is not applied
• Submerger screen whose purpose is to make food be in direct contact with cooking oil without the possibility of the food falling into the pit
• Ribbon design whose purpose is to offer uniform heat transfer for thorough cooking
• Melt cycle whose purpose is to liquefy shortening for cooking
• Solid state controls whose purpose is digital readout of the temperature, signal lights, and on/off switch
• Extra large capacity frypots that are used for cooking larger amounts of food quicker
• Twin kettles that are used for frying of various kinds of food at the same time without flavor transfer.

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