Commercial Fryers

Read about commercial fryers, their basic components and the price of commercial fryers. Pay special attention to the recommendation for the purchase of commercial fryers and commercial fryer tips.
Commercial Fryers

Gas vs. Electric Fryers
While buying a commercial fryer you should choose between a gas-powered or electric-powered model. The advantage of gas fryers is less price and their ability to operate and recover heat with bigger speed. Besides, one more advantage of high-end gas fryers is faster heating up comparing with any other type. It should be kept in mind that natural or propane gas is used in gas fryers and filtration systems underneath for draining such gas fryers may contain.

Electric fryers apply the highest number of BTU, but they consider being the most efficient ones. They have more safety measures and possess enhanced controls for temperature and time limits. Electric fryers that have a low-watt design can prolong the life of both the heating elements and the oil or shortening. Electric fryers are chosen for businesses due to often moving or their ability to reorganize the kitchen because they can be disassembled quickly, they are easily portable and stored.

Before the purchase of fryer, you should know how much space your fryer takes, the amount of food required for cooking at a definite moment and what type of foods you prepare cooking.
The same fryer is not recommended to be used for all kinds of foods at one time: a funnel cake cannot be cooked in the oil that was previously applied for a batch of fried fish.

The quality of your fryer depends on the quality of oil filters. Their purpose is to make the use of your cooking oil longer while collecting crumbs and other food debris that are not desired to serve to customers. The filters do not influence the quality of the cooking oil. The cooking oil cannot be used often, because it influences the taste and quality of the prepared food.

The purpose of a transfer system is to take away old oil from your facilities and to keep track of cooking oil's degradation rate – it should be kept in mind that the oil should be replaced when the level exceeds 24% or when food quality and taste are influenced. After taking away cooking oil solid steel containers should be applied to transport the waste.

People, who want to buy a commercial fryer, are interested in many questions:
1) The quantity of food that can be prepared in a fryer every hour, 2) the necessity of the multiple fryers’ use to cook various types of food, 3) the ability of the fryer to handle the workload without downtime, 4) the availability of space for a large commercial fryer, 5) the quantity of money required for the buying of a fryer, 6) the choice between a gas- or electric-powered model, 7) the necessity of its buying, 8) safety precautions being included, 9) the possibility of easy cleaning of a fryer, 10) the kind of warranty got from the dealer or manufacturer

There is a big choice of different models of fryers that have various prices.
An economy-sized gas fryer with an ability to cook 15 to 30 pounds of food per hour costs $850. An industrial-sized fryer that have an ability to handle over 100 pounds of cooking per hour costs $8,000 or more. The price of electric fryers is from $500 to $3,000. The price of casters and disconnect-valve devices is $100 to $200 extra.

Remember that replacement parts for fryers are rather inexpensive and can be easily replaced if your warranty doesn't cover all parts of the fryer, that’s why you can repair it without any difficulty. High-end models have warranty that covers the mechanical components of the fryer as well as the labor.
If the prices are too high for your business, you may use leasing. In such case you should pay $100 to $200 per month without earning revenue from the equipment.

Tips necessary for the purchase of fryers
1) You should buy more expensive energy-efficient fryer to save money in the future. An energy-efficient fryer is more expensive than other models but it saves money in energy costs during some years. The advantages of energy-efficient fryers are smaller operating costs and less food waste.

2) Pay attention to shipping costs. Shipping, handling, and installation charges should be added to the price of a commercial fryer.

3) You should clean your fryer periodically. It is recommended to wash your fryer with a soap that is good for cleaning up dirty areas. Then you should rinse the soap away using a vinegar solution that is good at its taking away.

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