Commercial Freezers

Learn about commercial freezers, its basic components, types, price and tips that are required for the purchase of a freezer and its long life. This information helps you to buy a freezer that will correspond to your needs.
Commercial Freezers

Commercial freezers are widespread machines of a simple construction that have such constituencies as  a single or dual door, controls are used outside the unit, evaporators and compressors whose purpose is prompt cooling, and insulation whose purpose is to maintain contents frozen at the required temperatures. More than 80 percent of freezer purchases are used in the food service industry, besides they are applied in some retail outlets, schools, and research facilities.

The Basic Freezer Components
There are various sizes and designs of commercial freezers, but they all consist of the same basic freezer components such as:
commercial_freezer• Cabinet that consists of stainless steel resistant to scratches and dents.
• Doors that consist of industrial grade hinges, lockable latches, and double gaskets for a tight seal
• Floor that is made from aluminum and can withstand loads of up to 600 pounds per sq ft
• Refrigeration system that keeps low pressure to save durability, avoid shut downs, and lessen the possibility of heat
• Compressors that apply industrial fans to make continuous operations available during high usage
• Condenser that makes high-pressure refrigerant gas possible to flow from the compressor
• Evaporator that turns liquid to gas and provides the evaporator with an ability to absorb heat and helps freezing
• Insulation. The purpose of dense CFC-free insulation is the protection of  saved goods from high temperatures and reduction of noise and vibration of compressor
• Access port that provides you with a possibility to plug generators or other back-up systems into your freezer
• Wheels and anti-roll brakes that are used to make your freezer move easy any time you wish and ensures solid locking any time you wish
• Control system that provides the apply of digital displays and controls so you can easily control the temperature and be sure it's proper
• Alarm that is tamper-proof controls that provide contents security and audible alert when some problems occur
• Locks those purposes are to ensure safety to your expensive foods from tampering and theft.
There are different types of freezers. The two most widespread freezers for business use are chest freezers and upright freezers.

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