Coffee Machines

Get to know about different types of coffee machines and how they work. Read how to choose the right machine for your restaurant.
Coffee Machines
coffee-machinesIt is not easy to choose the right coffee machine for your catering operation. Your coffee machine is that one which works best. Deciding on the correct type of machine, the operator has to go right back to the most basic rules of brewing coffee.

However, alternative methods don't give the excellent clarity of taste and flavour derived from a properly brewed fresh filtered coffee. It means that the solution may be closer than most operators think. This is because of it's in the development of more good quality, well-priced filter brewers.

And that's exactly what's happened. The most attention-grabbing new product launch is the Clover, available through Espresso Warehouse, which allows caterers to achieve a barista-standard filter coffee. Filter is the method which gives the very best true taste for speciality coffee - but it's also the method most caterers get wrong.

Many producers offer coffee machines that allow control over the vital variables of filter coffee - water temperature, coffee grind, coffee-to-water ratio and brew time, and it brews at remarkable speed. An operator just devises a menu of half-a-dozen speciality coffees.

Those who want speciality espresso-based coffee can choose between fully automatic bean-to-cup machines or traditional espresso machines. Nevertheless, the additional options now available are surprising.
A top-line, fully automatic coffee machine can produce a result very close to a manually operated espresso machine. And this fact is generally accepted. It seems it's more significant to assess the needs of your business than dispute one system over another for the sake of it.

Some coffee companies have identified a preference among facilities managers for bean-to-cup machines. They are for serving customers with quality coffee quickly and preferably without staff intervention. As for prices, they are different for all coffee machines.

Traditional espresso machines are associated by the public with the culture of espresso. Flexibility on a traditional machine is far superior to bean-to-cup, not least in the 'queue-busting' strategy of preparing four coffee-machinesor six drinks at the same time. Automatic machines score better on uniformity, cost-control of ingredients, and audit facilities. Moreover, when self-service is required, traditional machines are non-starters.

There is a big problem with automatic machines. And this is maintenance. There's a lack of specialist technical support for fully automatic machines which has led to poor servicing and a lack of good quality bean-to-cup coffee.

You see that there are many coffee machines but it is important to choose the right one. That's why be very attentive when doing this. Think over advantages of every type and buy the best for your restaurant.